Play Tents

Why Children Love Play Tents

Kids love to have a secret place. Hiding away from the adults, in a place of their own, they feel they have independence. But of course parents don’t want them hiding away too far or too well, especially if they are young children. And after all, it’s not always possible to build a tree house or garden den. A play tent or play house is a quick and simple solution for a child’s need to hide away and have a little place of their own. Kids enjoy having a mini place of their own. There they can play all sorts of games and role play. Here they can be whoever they want to be, but also develop their own confidence and personalities, create their own home, how they want it to be, in their world with its own rules away from parents and adults. And with a bit of imagination, they are transported to the forest, wild west, schoolroom, shop, medieval castle or country cottage… Inside their play tent, kids enjoy all the colours and textures – they love any hidden corners, extra compartments, windows, flaps, and tunnels to explore. Kids are always interested in finding what they can do in a space – what can they learn here? What can they make, feel, create? Can they find something new?

Why Parents Love Play Tents!

Kids are always making dens – under the kitchen table, under the laundry sheets, behind the sofa…. Dens are crucial to children’s development, play and imagination. But it can be difficult to make a den if the weather’s bad, or perhaps there isn’t enough room in the garden, or simply that time is limited. This is where play tents and play tunnels can really help both parents and kids. Think of them as an instant den, quick and easy to put up, yet easy to keep the house clean and tidy if you are playing indoors, as they are also quick to put away. Plus of course the major benefit of play tents – they can keep the kids quiet for hours!

Is the play tent for a toddler or older child? Then also consider a play tunnel. Kids of all ages love to play in tents and Wendy houses, but toddlers and younger children in particular seem to enjoy crawling and rolling through play tunnels.

Will the tent be use indoors or outdoors? If the play tent is to be sued outdoors it will need to be fairly sturdy, and perhaps even have some way of pegging it to the ground if the play area is a bit windy. But on fine, non windy days, any kind of play tent can be taken outside quite happily.

Does your child love everything to do with Disney, Bob the Builder, Thomas the Tank Engine or…(insert Kids TV character here…) Just as with all kids toys, there are plenty of play tents that come with children’s favourite TV and film characters printed on the side, such as Bob the Builder and Disney Princess. Of course this doesn’t make these play tents any better or worse than the plain tents in our eyes. But for a child, it could well be a dream come true to play a fairy tale princess game inside an actual Disney Princess tent. There may well be nicer looking tents as far as grown ups are concerned, but it’s hard to ignore the appeal of a favourite TV character when choosing a toy for any child these days.

Maybe your child has a particular love for role play games? All kids love role play. But sometimes a child just loves a particular type of role play game, such as shop keeper, school teacher, doctor, medieval knight, cowboy, mechanic… There are plenty of tents specially designed to develop such role play games, so make sure you take a look to see what’s out there. Your budding little shopkeeper or doctor will be delighted!