About Pirate Toys

Children have always been interested in pirates when playing make-believe. But this interest has only increased since the release of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean films. The films have produced a generation of little boys (and girls) obsessed with all things nautical, and there’s plenty of merchandise on offer if your child is pirate mad.
One of the most famous and classic pirate games (which existed long before the Disney movies) is the board game Pop-Up Pirate. It’s a staple game that every household with children should have. The game revolves around a barrel containing a pirate. When it’s your turn, slip a sword into the barrel, but if you put it into the wrong hole, the pirate pops out and you lose the game.

Playmobil offer a great play set which is a bit more expensive at around seventy pounds. It’s called the Large Pirate Ship, and comes with figurines, a loading crane, a working anchor, treasure space and cabins. The great thing about this set is that it can either be wheeled along, or can float! As an additional extra, you can purchase a motor and upgrade the ship so it can actually sail.

For something a bit simpler, there are wooden toy pirate ships available. One popular on offer is from Plan Toys called the Wooden Pirate Ship Toy. It comes with wooden figures (including a captain, crew, and prisoner), a rowing boat, cannons, ropes, ladders, an anchor and a treasure chest, as well as a crocodile. Kids can spend hours with this playing make-believe. It can expand their imaginations. This gives kids skills later in life to imagine new scenarios and develop their creativity, building their confidence. This wooden ship is suitable for children over three years of age. The Early Learning Centre also has a number of Pirate toys on offer for younger children, from plastic figures to full play sets.

The Pirates of the Caribbean has also spawned plenty of toys and merchandise for kids to play with. Lego have taken on the brand name and created sets based on the series, including the ship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge, which your child can build from scratch. Other sets include The Fountain of Youth and the Captain’s Cabin.

You can also buy your children pirate costumes. Just as little girls enjoy dressing up as princesses, boys will love pirate dress-up. If you buy the costumes close to Halloween you’ll have more of a selection. Some are based on the Disney movies (these tend to be well made, but more expensive). Most are just general costumes, including a sword, a hat, and an eye patch. You can also buy general pirate play sets, which include treasure maps, binoculars, as well as costume parts.

You can also get pirates on more than just toys. If your child is really pirate mad, you can get them pirate bed sheets, curtains, and stationary. Pirates are hugely popular, so there are plenty of items on the market, including board games, books, DVDs, and video games.

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