Benefits of Trampolines

Trampolines are just about the most fun you’ll ever have while exercising! Trampoline exercise helps you strengthen and tone the whole body, whilst improving the cardio-vascular system, helping you lose weight fast. Trampolining is a great way to exercise – for kids and grown ups. It’s so enjoyable to have a fun workout, outside in the fresh air. More and more people are using trampolines to stay fit and to exercise.

Low Impact Exercise

Trampolines are a low impact way of exercising. That means they are easy on your joints, and almost anyone can use them – young and old.

Trampolines and Weight Loss

Exercising on a trampoline takes up a good deal of energy and gets your heart rate up. Exercising on a trampoline therefore burns calories and is one of the most enjoyable aerobic exercises around.

Strength and Stamina

Trampoline exercises builds up a lot of strength, and soon takes it out of you. But the more you practise the easier it will get and the longer you can and will want to stay on. So your trampoline exercise routine will build your stamina up in no time.

Varied exercise routines

Trampoline exercise are fun and varied. It’s not like a work out, or a boring session at the gym. There are lots of ways to work out on the trampoline. You can jump from side to side, back and forth, run, lift your feet up high during running and of course, jump as high as you can and want. All this will really work the muscles in your legs but also your abdominals because you will have to keep up your balance the whole time.
For a closer run down of some simple yet effective trampoline exercises, see this clip:

Build Strength

Trampolines are more and more used for physiotherapeutic reasons. They strengthen muscles, sinews, ligaments and bones and have positive effects on the sense of balance and stability. This is due to the anti shock pad of the elastic jumping sheet. And importantly, trampoline exercise is great aerobic exercise – good for your heart and weight loss!

Better Balance and Stability

Whilst jumping on a trampoline, the whole body is relaxed, weightless even. For the landing the body tenses, but the jumping sheet cushions it and spares the joints and muscles. So even if you aren’t performing somersaults (yet) a trampoline can be just what you need to strengthen your sense of balance and to start working out without worrying about damaging your joints.

Perfect for young and old

Kids love a trampoline. They can spend hours bounding around, burning energy and gaining valuable exercise in the process. Older people (and those carrying a little more weight) often find trampolines an excellent solution when trying to shed a few pounds or for staying fit and agile. Trampolines – great exercise and great fun.
Trampoline exercise is effective, most of all because it is FUN! And better still, you are exercising outside, in the fresh air.