Magic Toys and Tricks

Magic Tricks and Toys for Kids

Magic has been a means of entertainment for centuries for adults and children alike, much like music. Both require skills on the part of the entertainer, and both can be learned. Magic, however, is one of those activities that requires secrecy. And that’s only one of the attractions for children. To be skilled and to have a secret are two things every child would love to be able to do. Performing a magic trick in front of others to the puzzlement of all is something a child will always treasure, whether it’s a moment with Grandma and Grandpa, a show for twenty kids in the school class or a trick performed for the adults at a reunion get-together. Besides the performance aspect, magic toys require manual dexterity, hand/eye coordination, and the ability to speak in front of people – all of these characteristics are perfect lifetime skills for a child of any age to learn.

Magic tricks seemingly defy the laws of nature. Items vanish, transform or float. Conjurors and mentalists, in stage shows, make people float, transform or vanish – but that’s not what we’re talking about here for children’s toys. Simple magic tricks can be bought in just about any toy store. Part of the joy for a child is the learning of the trick so that they can perform the presentation without a mistake. That aspect might be described as the educational spin-off of magic tricks – focus, concentration and dexterity are all personal skills a child must use in understanding and performing the trick. As well as the individual skills learned for a single trick or for all the tricks in a show, a child will learn how to stand up in front of an audience and speak well — and that’s not a talent to be ignored.

Themes are a big part of magic tricks. Big-name magicians present single tricks or packaged shows as items for sale to anyone, but children are often the target audience. Series of young adult books that are all about the world of magic are another theme that cannot be ignored. Ever hear of Harry Potter?

Magic Trick Books and DVDs

Books can teach magic to a child, but what’s still needed is the apparatus, the device that is specially made to perform the trick. The apparatus for tricks can be bought separately or as part of a set. Some sets may even include a DVD with videos on how to do the trick. One requirement, though, is that every child must remember never ever to reveal the secret behind the trick.

Just as with all the other categories, there’s overlap. Electronic toys can be magic tricks, magic toys can be electronic. And there are many games with magic themes. But the simplest are the best: the tricks with the coins, the rope tricks, the cup and balls. You name the magic trick you saw a kid, we can guarantee it is still around for the young magician.

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