Kitchen Toys

Children love playing make-believe. Not only is it fun, it also gives them the chance to develop their imaginations, their social skills, help them solve problems, and learn life skills, as well as building their confidence and giving them a sense of self. Scientists have speculated that the more a child plays, the more connections he or she will make to different parts of the brain (to do with sensory, cognitive, and language skills), which will make them more intelligent. There are many different kinds of ‘play’, and one of the most early developed is the art of imitation. Children see their parents perform daily tasks and want to copy them.

For many little girls, one of the most fun ways of imitating their parents takes place in the kitchen. Food is a big part of everyday life and a lot of kids start imitation by playing house. However, you can encourage this kind of play without subjecting your favourite pans to a bashing, or endangering your children around the oven. There are a number of toy kitchens available to buy so your kids can play safely and happily.

Toy kitchens come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and makes, from simple plastic models to more crafted examples. Some are even interactive, and seem much more technologically advanced than our own kitchens. Some of the more-famous brands of toy kitchen manufacturers provide both interactive capabilities as well as the element of fun, giving your child the best chance at developing their skills.

Some of the most popular toy kitchens are made by the company Little Tikes. Their kitchens are made from a combination of materials including metal, wood, and plastic, making them one of the most durable kitchen products for children. They produce a range of kitchen-based toys, including the Magicook Kitchen, the Inside/Outside Cook n Grill Kitchen, Cookin’ Sounds Gormet Kitchen, and the Doubleup Kitchen and Laundry Centre. The best selling kitchen in this range is the Inside/Outside Cook n Grill Kitchen. This is one of the most interactive items, which comes with bins, a dishwasher, taps, a magnetic fridge, a coffee pot, and a hob with real sounds. The Magicook Kitchen is also interactive. Included with the kitchen are pretend food items that are electronically chipped. Your children can put the food into the oven, and the oven responds differently to each piece of food.

Another popular brand of toy kitchen manufacturers are Kid Kraft. Their kitchens are less electronically advanced than Little Tikes. However, they are still well made but cheaper. Popular models include the Kid Kraft Red Vintage Kitchen and the Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen, which comes with real metal pots. Both are big enough to have more than one child play at once. For something sturdier, there are also kitchens available that are made entirely from wood. These items are not interactive at all, but are more traditional.

Imitating Mum and Dad helps children to understand the adult world and develops their life skills enabling them to become independent as an adult.