iPod Docking Stations

You would have to live miles away from humanity, or be completely uninterested in the likes of modern technology, to be unaware of the iPod. But for those who are, the iPod is basically a media player for portable use. The software, iTunes, transfers music from your personal computer to the actual device. But you can also store games, videos, and files on it. It’s become the biggest-selling digital audio player in history, and if you’ve got one, you might like to consider getting yourself an iPod docking station.

For the majority of people, owning an iPod means having instant access to all of their music at the touch of a button, without having to waste time searching through their unalphabetised CD collections. But a downside was only being able to listen to that music through their earphones. The manufacturers of the iPod, Apple, anticipated this and have created numerous models to connect to the device, which are known as docking stations. Essentially, the docking stations connect to your iPod and work like speakers.

Obviously, you need to own an iPod in order to own an iPod docking station…many mp3 players from other brands and makes will not be compatible. However, as an added bonus these days, most iPod docks can be used to play music from a iPad or iPhone too.

The benefits of owning an iPod docking station depend on how often you use it, and exactly what you’ll be using it for. But it is a useful tool to own. No more listening to massive tunes through the tiny headphones; instead, you can amplify all of your favourite songs at work, at home, in the garden, or wherever you want to listen to your great play lists.

If you’re still a lover of your stereo sound system, you’ll probably only need a smaller model for travel purposes. Many of the smaller models can be battery powered, but still come with power cables for plugging into the mains. Smaller docking stations can be purchased for as little as £25, and tend to go up to around £150. However, if you’re a complete worshiper of the iPod and what is stands for, you can get enormous stations which specialise in providing you with the best quality sound even at the loudest levels. These stations tend to be a little bit pricier, ranging from £150 to £450 or more.

Just like a regular stereo, many of the docking stations come with a remote control (although some models’ remotes tend to be temperamental, so make sure you research properly if this is an important factor for you). And if you’re after a bit of fun, many of the docking stations are a bit gimmicky. Some come in the shape of animals, others as light-up globes; there’s even a jukebox docking station (and, yes, that one of the most expensive varieties).

If you are looking to buy yourself an iPod docking station, you’ve got a wide range to choose from. Just make sure you know exactly what your budget is, and do a little research. Then just crank up the volume and you can dance round your living room to your heart’s content.