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Fountain pens date back as early as (believe it or not) around the tenth century. The first recorded instance of this style of pen being used was in 953, when one of the Egyptian emperors demanded to have an instrument with which to write that would not stain his clothes! However, the fountain pens we are more familiar with nowadays are more likely to be associated with the name Lewis Watson. Watson was the man who patented the first useable fountain pen in 1884. But he wasn’t the first to come up the idea: one of the first fountain pens found has been dated around the turn of the 18th century, and still survives today. Certain inventors explored with the concept of half-nib, half-quill pens, but these were impossible to sell due to the fact that the ink still spilled. It wasn’t until Watson’s patent that the fountain pen model which we know and still love today really took off.

Most pens these days can be filled using cartridges. Cartridges used to be filled from bottles of ink using a syringe. But early versions of fountain pens used what is known as an eyedropper. This tended to make refilling the pen messy. This method then gave way to the easier ways of refilling. However, the eyedropper types of pen are still made and are available to buy today.

Fountain pens offer elegance and refinement you won’t ever find in a biro. In this day and age, however, it seems as though using a fountain pen has become a bit of a lost art. It seems so much easier to pick up a ballpoint or a biro, or even a gel pen. They’re cheaper, disposable, and easy to replace. However, herein lies the beauty of the fountain pen: they are not produced to be a disposable instrument to write with. A particularly high-merit pen will last longer than even your lifetime! And the fountain pen holds so much more charm that the average writing instrument. Some people would view their use as so much more hassle than they are actually worth. But once you’ve learned how to re-fill the ink cartridges, they are quite simple to use. This is the element which most puts off people looking to buy a fountain pen. And another is the cost. However, if you think of all the biros you purchase over your entire lifetime, buying one fountain pen and getting the odd repair here and there is actually a bit of a saving!

Fountain Pens have a cedrtain style and image that simply can’t be matched by other, lesser pens. Sometimes it’s not the cut of your clothes or how you carry yourself that influences how you come across to others. Sometimes it is the trimmings. Using a fountain pen exudes class. If you are looking to buy a fountain pen, first of all determine which kind you would like to get. Some come with simple cartridges, some with a bladder, and some with a converter. The cartridges are the most popular variety of pen, as they are usually the cheapest and easiest to use.
Reclaim the lost art of beautiful handwriting with a fountain pen

You’ll often find that your penmanship improves tenfold when writing with a fountain pen. As most modern nibs are made with metal, they do tend to take a while to ‘learn’ how you write. Every person has a certain way of writing: the pressure you use, the angle with which you hold your hand, all effect your handwriting. The metal of the nib has to adapt to your method. But this shouldn’t take long if you use your fountain pen regularly. After a while, you’ll find that you write most comfortably with it, and that biros just feel plain odd! And eventually, as you become more and more used to it, it will become more and more used to you! Unlike normal pens, you can write with Fountain pens for a much longer time without your arm or wrist tiring out. It adapts to your movements, making writing a pleasure once more. Any marks you make on a blank page will seem important and elegant. And I guarantee that your handwriting will become neater! The more you use it, the more aware you will become of the art of calligraphy, and the more pride you will take in your writing. And, of course, one of the greatest aspects of writing with a fountain pen is choosing your type of ink! Of course, you can opt for the simple blue one recommended by the manufacturer. But there are so many more choices out there. There are many different quality inks, different colours, and different intensities. Some will provide you with a smoother consistency. Some will be much harder, giving you a more permanent feel (ideal if you’re working with important documents).

Fountain pens have a certain sense of pomp and ceremony to them. They can inspire you if you like to write in a journal. Or they’re particularly lovely if you are planning to pen a love letter to your dear departed!
Fountain Pen Gifts

Fountain pens are great gift for people when it comes to special occasions. If it’s a birthday, a christening, a wedding, or particularly for wedding favours, a fountain pen is a really classy choice. Fountain pens will be cherished and used for many years to come, especially if you decide to purchase a particularly good-quality one. And if you’re feeling particularly extravagant, why not go for the top-quality type? Pens are collectable, so often some kinds are jewel or precious-stone encrusted. One of the most expensive fountain pens ever sold was made from diamonds and went for the price of $265,000!

Make sure you clean your pen regularly. And try to buy high-quality ink; if you don’t, the nib could become clogged. Look after your fountain pen, and if you do, it will last you a lifetime.

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