About Dinosaur Toys

If you’re looking for toys to buy for a little boy, why not look at dinosaur toys? For the last fifty years, dinosaurs have an incredibly popular subject matter among kids, hanging somewhere between myth and reality. The fascination around dinosaurs is easy to see: they’re real life dragons, and most little boys are fascinated by them. So playing make believe with dinosaur-based toys can provide them with hours of fun. Not only is it fun, it can also be educational, increasing their interest in natural history.

Dinosaur toys have always been popular, but with the release of the Jurassic Park movies in the nineties, the popularity grew tenfold. Since then, more and more dinosaur programs have been created for TV and film, producing more and more toys and merchandise.

Playing with dinosaurs helps children to expand their imaginations and get lost in the world of make believe. This gives kids skills later in life to imagine new scenarios and develop their creativity, building their confidence. Playing with dinosaurs also helps your children repeat and retain information that they have learned about natural history. They might get into a discussion with you about the different names of the dinosaurs and which period they existed. By verbalizing what they have learned, they are developing their memory skills. You can also play with your kids, asking them questions and helping them to learn.

The dinosaur toys available on the market these days range from simple figurines to much more technologically advanced toys. The more technological the toy, the more expensive it is. You can get robot dinosaurs that either come ready to play with, or that you can build yourself. Cheaper options for very young boys are plush dinosaurs, as well as little figurine sets, which are great for make believe games. You can even get much larger dinosaurs, even a ride-on dinosaur called Kota My Triceratops.

Lego have also gone with a dinosaur theme in a number of their play sets. There is a Lego Creator Monster Dino that can be built from scratch. Once it’s built, the dinosaur moves its head and arms. Simpler Lego dinosaurs are the Lego Stegosaurus, Lego Dino Valley, and Lego Dino Trap.

There are also dinosaur board games, including the Natural History Museum Dinosaur Dash, Dotty Dinosaurs (for younger children), and the Brainbites quiz game on Dinosaurs.

A great place to get Dinosaur toys from is the natural history museum. If you have time, take your kids on a day trip there and help them learn about history. Then spend some time in the gift shop and let the learning continue when you get the toys home. And if your little one is really enthusiastic about dinosaurs, try having a dinosaur birthday party for him and his friends. You can put dinosaur toys in the party bags.

You can get dinosaurs on nearly everything these days. It’s a really good idea as a theme for a little boys bedroom. You can get him dinosaur bed sheets, curtains, and accessories, to match all of his toys. There’s also plenty of stationary on offer.

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