All About Action Toys

Action toys are toys for active, imaginative, and passionate play. They’re more traditionally thought of as boys toys. However, many girls enjoy the rough and tumble of these kinds of toys and this more active type of play. Action toys can encourage very physical, energetic play and the players can be pretty noisy and boisterous! These types of toys are great for burning off energy, building strength and stamina, and for learning imaginative role play. These toys tap into children’s natural ability to mimic behaviour they see. Children see their favourite characters being super heroes, doing brave heroic things, and they naturally want to copy that behaviour. And the character traits of being brave, saving and helping others, and being good and tolerant are surely great things to emulate.

Types of Action Toys

Action toys could be described as fitting into four broad categories: action figures, battle machines, combat play and pocket money items. Many of the best character toys come from superheroes, cartoons, film and television, and traditional combat-hero favourites like Action Man. The battle machines include transforming figures/vehicles, aeroplanes and spaceships. Combat play includes items such as swords and armour, and guns that shoot water and foam darts. Pocket money items are smaller items, like battling spinning tops, or they can be collectible items in a series, like action cards.

Action figures

As soon as children can hold objects, they love to play with life-like figures and act out scenes and behaviour they’ve seen. It’s at this stage that parents become acutely aware of what children are seeing and taking on board, as everything is reflected right back at them! It’s important to give them toys and role models to encourage good behaviour and action figures can come under this category.

Battle machines

Battle machines available for children today are awesome feats of engineering. With these, not only can children act out glorious battles, and win victories for the good guys over the baddies, but many of them can be broken up and rebuilt over and over. Imaginative role-play and skills of building and dexterity, among others, are all at play here.

Combat play

Combat play items are great for kids to run and jump, stretch and grow. Any ordinary object can be used as a combat toy but the most prized ones are usually the ones of their heroes. As soon as little ones put on the armour and swords of their favourite knights, they’re in the world of slaying dragons, only to return in time for tea.

Pocket-money items

Pocket-money items can be firm favourites as they’re pocket-sized for children and pocket-priced for parents. We can all remember the joy of the littler items in the Christmas stocking. Those items are often more popular than big-scale items as they’re so portable and often seem to give more hours of play. Collectible items in a series are great for sharing and swapping with others and foster shared play too.

Examples of action toys

Tyical action toys include Cartoon characters, Combat figures, Disney, Fighting spinning tops, Film merchandise (Disney, Star wars), Superheroes, Transforming robots andvehicles, Water and foam guns, and Wrestling (WWE) figures.