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Ride on toy for toddlers

Ride-ons & Walkers

Ride-ons and walkers are essentially the same type of toy, with a walker intended for the infant learning to walk and a ride-on an enhanced walker with wheels for the older child. A young child wants to imitate the adults around him or her and one of the biggest differences a toddler sees is that adults have the ability to… Read more →

board game - Chinese chess

All About Games and Puzzles

Puzzles and games for children often reflect a child’s perceptions of the adult world. A game can be a simulation of an adult profession, such as a real estate developer, a commander of an army or navy or a police detective solving a crime. Games can also be tests of mathematical skills, shape recognition, mental concentration and athletic ability. Puzzles… Read more →

Gruffalo soft toy

About Soft Toys

Cuddly toys, teddy bears and more… Soft toys are representations of animals, cartoon characters, people, legendary creatures and even anthropomorphised inanimate objects. The toy is sewn from textiles, though, for some dolls, the head and hands may be soft or hard plastic. The toy is stuffed with synthetic fibers, cotton, plastic pellets, dried beans, straw or some other substance of… Read more →

scooter for younger children

Wheeled Toys

Scooters, Skates & Skateboards You need wheels – about kids’ wheeled toys, from scooters to roller skates Scooters, skateboards and skates all have wheels and all three are favoured by children all the world. No one takes naturally to scooting, skateboarding or skating — it takes practise and time to become good. So, be sure to reassure your child that… Read more →

climbing frame - the perfect outdoor toy

About Outdoor Toys & Games

Playing outdoors is the most basic form of enjoyment for a child. Sure, there’s all kinds of evidence that outdoor play helps your child develop coordination and social skills. Outdoor play teaches young children about cause and effect, about who they are and who they could be, and about the physical world as a place through which they can move.… Read more →