Paper Jamz Guitars

Paper Jamz Guitars are everything a guitar should be – but without having to learn or practice! How brilliant is that! You can be the hottest guitarist in minutes, all thanks to the amazing technology in these brilliant little Paper Jamz Guitars. Paper Jamz Guitars are available in various models, all with different designs, based on a classic electric guitar.

Be an INSTANT Rock Star with a Paper Jamz Guitar. Paper Jamz have released a line of affordable lightweight touch-techno musical instruments and accessories that absolutely rock! Strum the printed strings and get note-perfect rock riffs; tap the Paper Jamz Drums, and get fantastic drum solos.

So let’s talk about the guitars. Each of the various styles of Paper Jamz guitars includes different songs and rock anthems programmed to play right out of the box. One hand goes on the guitar neck, with simple graphics showing where your fingers should be placed; the other hand strokes across the printed strings. That’s all you have to do! In freestyle mode, you play the basic rock chords (major, minor, and seventh) by putting one, two or three fingers on a set of neck frets – you’ll then be able to play just about any rock song in the world! A booklet is included with all the fingering patterns you’ll need.

This Active Graphics Technology(tm) uses circuit-embedded paper that activates simply by touching your finger to the surface. Even with this innovative technology, any Paper Jamz guitar is much cheaper than an actual electric guitar – and it’s far easier to play. But don’t try any air guitar moves – your fingers must actually touch the surface so that the capacitive touch technology will work. There’s a built-in speaker, and a headphone socket will allow you to connect to your headphones, or to the Paper Jamz Amp, or to external speakers. Volume control is done via a neat move – hold down one of the printed controls and run your hand down the guitar neck.

Playing a Paper Jamz Guitar

There’s three ways to play a Paper Jamz guitar:
– Perfect Play Mode, where you strum and hear one of the stored songs.
– Rhythm Mode, where you strum to control the rhythm of each song.
– Freestyle Mode, where you play whatever chords you want to create your own songs.

You can make use of the Karaoke function as well, which lets you remove either the vocals, the drums, or the backing tracks from any of the stored songs. There are several styles of Paper Jamz guitars, each with its own set of licensed songs, and each with its own distinctive design, based on one of the classic rock guitars such as Gibson or Fender. Whether you’re looking for a toy for your children that will keep them fascinated with music, or for a new way to satisfy the Rock Star within yourself, the Paper Jamz line is the way to rock!

Playing the Paper Jamz Guitar is a lot easier than playing a standard guitar, that’s for sure. But there is a bit to learn and work out. A Paper Jamz Guitar comes with a complete set of instructions to help you get the most out of playing the guitar. Of course the temptation always is to just pick it up and have a go. Who can blame us! But eventually it is worth flicking through the instruction manual so that you can get the most out of your Paper Jamz Guitar.