What is a Digital Piano?

A digital piano typically feels and plays just like a traditional piano. In a good quality digital piano, this means that the keys are weighted, just on the same way they are on say an upright piano. This isn’t true of all electronic keyboards, for example, and is one of the great features of digital pianos these days – it feels just like you are playing a traditional piano! Some in fact are designed to look just like a traditional upright piano too, and also have pedals just like any other piano would. Depending on the instrument, a digital piano will also have added instrument settings and sounds, such as organ or strings. In other words, a digital piano can be very versatile indeed, and in this way similar to an electronic keyboard or synthesiser.

Digital pianos are for everyone. There are cheaper digital pianos available that can give everyone a chance to play and have fun with music. Kids love to use the different sounds and effects on a digital keyboard, but these are serious instruments that can help anyone – young and old – to learn and enjoy the piano. Plus other family members might love the fact that most digital pianos come with a headphone socket! And since there are some digital pianos that are much smaller than a standard piano, it won’t take up much room in your house and you won’t have to dedicate a whole side of the living room to 1 musical instrument.

Digital pianos are very easy to use. There’s no tuning required, and very little setting up – some models are as simple as plug in and play! You don’t have to use all the different sounds and play settings at first.