Liv Dolls

Introducing Alexis, Daniela, Katie, Sophie and Hayden; the new fashion dolls from Spin Master Ltd. Liv Dolls are geared for girls age’s six to ten and can be found in stores or online. Liv Dolls are realistic looking, can be posed and have super trendy outfits.

Alexis is a Fashion Diva, she loves clothes, accessories and shoes. For Alexis it is all about matching. She is the one to head to if you have a question about style. Daniela is a performer who loves to sing and dance. She loves to show off her talents at a coffee shop, for her classmates at school and at the local senior citizen home. Katie loves adventure. When she is not snowboarding or skate-boarding, she is cycling all over. Sophie is all about hair, styles that is. She loves styling her hair, trying things on her friends and coming up with her own designs; one of her favorites is putting pink streaks in her hair. Hayden is the newest Liv Doll and she loves animals. She volunteers at the animal adoption center after school.

Liv Dolls are friendly, fun and have a great sense of spirit. They are just the type of person we all want as friends. Liv Dolls have realistic-looking eyes, great hair (which includes two wigs), come with a hairstyle stand and other accessories such as a hair brush, a handbag and glasses. They also come with a super trendy outfit that includes fun accessories like hats, scarves, boots, headbands or fur-lined jackets.

One of the things that make Liv Dolls really stand out from other dolls is that they come with 14 points of movement. This means they can be made to pose naturally whether they are sitting, skateboarding, dancing, doing aerobics, blow-drying their hair or just standing. Most dolls have a stiffness to them no matter how they are posed. Liv Dolls appear natural; even when they are posed to just stand they do so with a slight tilt of the hips and one foot further out the way real teens stand.

Clothes for Liv Dolls come in fashion packs of three interchangeable outfits and are themed. The Snow Angel Fashion Pack, for instance, comes with two pairs of pants, two coats, a long-sleeved shirt, a mini skirt with snowflakes on it, a striped scarf with white pom-poms dangling from it and two pairs of stylish boots; purple with white fur and ivory with red stitching. Other fashion packs includes the Sparkly Fashion Pack which includes shiny materials and high heels and the School Stylin’ Fashion Pack which includes leggings and wedge shoes. There are also packs with extra wigs, handbags and accessories such as a skateboard, helmet, a dog with leash, a motor scooter and an Animal Rescue Play-Set.

Regardless of which doll you buy, you can be certain that your daughter will spend hours playing with her, dressing her and styling her hair. Two Liv Dolls is even better because the dolls can have a BFF like real teens do.