Barbie Video Girl

Lights! Camera! Action! And Barbie’s the camera!

Mattel’s Barbie Video Girl is not only an authentic Barbie doll, but is also a real-life working video camera! Put together your own skits with your other Barbie dolls! Rehearse, record and make your own movies! We all know the Barbie name and this must be one of the most unique and fun Barbie dolls ever introduced.

About Mattel’s Barbie Video Girl Dolls

How does Barbie do it? Her necklace is the lens of the camera; the live (and playback) LCD screen is on her back, underneath her hood, along with the three-button Record/Play/Delete control panel. Press the Record button once to start the camera, then again to begin filming. Follow along on the screen to see what you’re recording, and stop when you want — the included AA batteries will power your camera about seventy-five minutes, and you’ll get twenty-five minutes of recording time (based on the amount of installed computer memory) — to make more room, you can delete clips from the doll’s camera memory.

Or you can hook up your Barbie Video Girl to your computer (either Windows or Mac) with the included hot-pink USB cable and download the video clips to your computer. If your computer is Windows-compatible, you can use the Video Girl Editing Software (a free download from the Mattel website) to turn your clips into your very own movie production, all from Barbie’s point of view. Transferring the stored video clips from doll to computer is as simple as a transfer from a digital camera — you make the connections, and go! Video quality is more than adequate, and the best part is the many ways you can use the video editing software — put the clips in whatever order you want, create graphic transitions between the clips, add simple graphics, sound effects, and music, and you’ve got a movie! And, when you’re all done, you can export the entire movie via email, or by a website upload, for other people to see and enjoy!

A few caveats:
Barbie Video Girl does cost about twice as much as a normal Barbie doll – but, you do get a video camera, and free video editing software when you buy her. Playback on Barbie Video Girl’s LCD screen has no audio – although you do hear the audio after you’ve downloaded the clips to your computer.

Because of the battery compartments in her legs and the LCD screen on her back, Barbie Video Girl will not fit into any outfits you may have for your other Barbie dolls (although she does come stylishly dressed in her own Video Girl outfit of a hot-pink hoodie and black slacks). And, after all, Barbie Video Girl will not be the one on screen — she’ll be the one who’s filming all the other Barbie dolls in their fabulous outfits!

Battery replacement does require a screwdriver — however, when the doll is plugged via the USB cable into a computer, Barbie Video Girl draws all her power from the USB connection, and can be kept powered-on, and run as a camera, indefinitely.

Technical Specifications for Barbie Video Girl

Available as either Blonde, Brunette, or African-American
29.2 cm (11.5 inches) tall
Onboard memory capacity: 256 MB
Battery life: 75 minutes
USB: includes one hot-pink USB 2.0 cord
Video resolution: 320 x 240
Video capacity: 25 minutes
Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) is 2.4 cm (0.95 inches) CSTN (Color Super-Twist Nematic, from Sharp Electronics, with 65,000 colors) — take care of the LCD display by keeping it away from liquids, sharp impacts, and excessively hot or freezing temperatures, and it will last for years and years.
Operating System Requirements for Barbie Video Girl

Minimum: Windows XP with SP3, or Vista with SP2
Recommended: Windows XP with SP3 and .NET Framework 3.5, Vista with SP2, or Windows 7

Mac (for downloading videos only)
Minimum: OS 10.5 Leopard
Recommended: OS 10.6 Snow Leopard
Hardware System Requirements:
Minimum Processor: Pentium III 800 MHz or equivalent (Recommended: Intel Core 1.8 GHz or equivalent)
Minimum Memory: 512 MB of RAM (Recommended: 1 GB of RAM)
Hard Drive Space Needed: 800 MB free hard drive space (Recommended: 1 GB free hard drive space)
Screen Resolution Needed: 1024×768
Software System Requirements:
Direct X 9.0
USB 2.0

A browser and an Internet connection are not required, but are recommended, as is Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher.
Barbie Video Girl is one of those presents for a little girl that will start her thinking about the many possibilities for her own future. Who knows? The next big film director of the 21st century may well turn out to have started her career as a child with a Barbie Video Girl!