Baby Annabell Dolls

Baby Annabell is so much like an actual baby that you’ll do a double-take at her realistic features the first time you see the doll. Baby Annabell reacts to the sound of your voice, turning her head left or right, and opening and closing her eyes. She giggles, gurgles, babbles, and yawns. She sucks noisily on her own water-filled bottle; when she is done drinking, Baby Annabell burps, closes her eyes, falls asleep, and snores. Noises can awaken her, making her cry real tears, until your singing quiets her.

Baby Annabell is a great gift for a child expecting a new baby sister or brother, or for a child who’s already got an infant sibling. Baby Annabell allows the older child to care for her own baby, just like Mommy. Baby Annabell responds to her child-mummy with realistic motions and sounds, and must be cared for in the same loving way as a real baby – the child who receives a Baby Annabell doll will learn so much. Baby Annabell looks so real when sucking from her bottle — the doll even burps after drinking when her belly is rubbed. Baby Annabell mimics the actions and growth of a small baby so well, the little girl owning one will feel that her own doll is growing up along with her.
Testimonials from mothers world-wide confirm that children learn from owning a Baby Annabell, and that the older sibling feels more a part of the new family with a baby of her own to match Mommy’s. Though Baby Annabell does not crawl, the doll otherwise acts just like an infant: the burping, the breathing, the crying, the laughing.

You can also get many Baby Annabell accessories: outfits, furniture, prams, even a pack of nappies that fit the doll perfectly. The Baby Annabell doll comes with both the famous little pacifier and the cuddle sheep. Among the other accessories available for purchase, Baby Annabell version 5 has a high-chair with a pink cushion and a removable tray, and a musical baby walker just like the one that the little caretakers of Baby Annabell had for their very own first steps a few years before. There’s even an Annabell-sized potty chair! You can also get a wardrobe closet, with clothes hangers for all of Baby Annabell’s own clothes.

Currently the Baby Annabell doll is available in four models:
Original Baby Annabell (46 cm (18″), a firm female infant doll, with life-like actions and sounds)
My First Baby Annabell (36 cm (14″) , a soft female infant doll without the actions or sounds)
My First Baby Annabell Brother (36 cm (14″), a soft male infant doll without the actions or sounds)
Baby Annabell Tender Kisses (36 cm (14″), a soft female infant doll with some lip actions, and some baby-talk)
The Baby Annabell doll is also available in an ethnic version.

Baby Annabell requires four AA batteries (not included), and is intended for children three years and older. Be sure to use only clean water in her water bottle. Wash her with a damp (not soaking wet) cloth — never put Baby Annabell in the bath or a washing machine. Baby Annabell has an Instruction Manual (available online in PDF format) written in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, and several other languages.

If you just had your own baby and you want your older daughter to share in the experience, or if you simply want to teach your daughter the meaning of responsibility, get a Baby Annabell doll. Celebrate her arrival in your family, and let your daughter know the joy of caring for a child that only a mother can feel.