About Toy Story

Toy Story started out as an animated Disney/Pixar movie, and has since become a full-fledged universe of possibilities for a child’s imagination. Together, the three movies, as a trilogy, are being called the greatest animation film series ever.

The plot of Toy Story is so simple, yet so intriguing: toys come alive when no one’s around. Toy Story stars Woody, the old-time Western sheriff and former star of the defunct (fictional) TV series, “Woody’s Roundup.” Then there’s Buzz Lightyear, an astronaut in a fully-operational spacesuit, packing a full panoply of weapons and tools from the future. There’s also Sarge and his ultra-competent Green Army Men, insecure Rex the T. Rex dinosaur, the friendly Slinky Dog, sarcastic Hamm the piggy bank, and the always-bickering Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. And, re-appearing from Sheriff Woody’s old TV show, we’ve got Jesse, the tomboy cowgirl (who may or may not be romantically inclined toward Woody – but likely not), and Bullseye, Woody’s trusty horse.

Some of the Toy Story toys

With a list of charcters as long as that, you would expect quite a few toys to be available with a Toy Story character. One of the most popular is Woody, and in particular, a talking doll version. Toy Story 3 Talking Woody is the friendliest coolest toy cowboy in the world– he’s the leader of all the toys in Andy’s room (despite what Buzz Lightyear says). Pull Woody’s string and hear phrases from the Toy Story movies! Talking Jesse is Woody’s girlfriend — or is she? Both dolls are very collectible, and are fun play-toys as well. Talking Sheriff Woody and Talking Jesse will appeal to kids and adults alike! And Talking Buzz Lightyear? Well, despite the fact that Buzz is convinced that he’s a real astronaut, he’s still a great guy to pal around with.

First among the Talking line of Toy Story characters, we’ve got the large versions of Talking Woody and Talking Jesse – each one has a soft fabric body, with hard plastic cowboy boots, hands and head, detachable hats, and floppy rag-doll legs (Jesse has soft hair).
Woody is 38.1 cm (15″) tall, Jesse is 35.6 cm (14″) tall.
Each stands with the aid of the included figure stand.
Pull the string on the back for 20-30 quotes from Jesse, and 40-50 from Woody.
Each responds in their own way to the loudness or the softness of your voice.
Woody can act like his Sheriff character, or he can simply be Woody.
Jesse can yodel, or talk quietly.
Then we’ve got the small Talking Deluxe Woody, Talking Deluxe Jesse and Talking Deluxe Buzz Lightyear Dolls:
All three figures are all plastic and fully posable.
All three figures are 15.2 cm (6″) tall.
Each figure says one of three to five of their own phrases at the push of a button.

All the dolls have a Toy Story Collection Certificate of Authenticity, require batteries, and are not intended for use by children under the age of three years. It’s too bad that Stinky Pete the Prospector isn’t there too, or we’d have the entire cast from Woody’s Roundup!