Scooby Doo Toys

Scooby Doo is a popular TV character produced by Hanna-Barbera studios in 1969. The character is forty years old, but is still hugely trendy today. The cartoon series has spawned a few films in recent years, giving it a new audience. Its popularity means that a whole collection of merchandise has been produced, and you can get a number of Scooby Doo toys from toy shops and internet sites, from action figures to stuffed toys. Although they’ve been around for many years, the brand and licenses have recently been renewed, so more toys are now available, and are more popular in Europe than in the United States where the show originated. However, the characters have stayed the same over the years. There’s still Daphne, Velma, Fred, Shaggy, and Scrappy.

Scooby Doo toys are popular with kids as they recognise the character from TV. They toys on offer are fun to play with and make great birthday and Christmas presents. Because of the popularity of the show, a lot of them are also collectible.

One of the most popular Scooby Doo toys is the plush Scooby. There are many variations of the soft toy, from a simple depiction of Scooby, to a hide and seek version. There’s also a plush Beanie version.

Scooby Doo also has his name on a number of board games. A great one is the Scooby Doo Haunted House 3D board game. Players have to move around the house trying not to get sucked into traps. You can also get the Scooby Doo Where Are You game, which is basically a Guess Who? game featuring Scooby and his pals. Scooby Doo is also available on games consoles. Scooby Doo First Frights is a great game for younger children, where they can take on the character of Scooby and solve some mysteries. It’s available on the Nintendo DS, but there are also games compatible with the Wii and the Playstation.

Some excellent Scooby Doo toys include play sets. One of the best-selling play sets is the Scooby Doo Glow in the Dark Mystery Mansion play set. The mansion has trap doors, haunted armour and even a sticky web to catch ghosts. Another popular play set is the Scooby Doo Mystery Mates Pirate Fort. This also has trap doors, a working cannon, and skeletons. There are a number of Scooby play sets available, and most can be bought for between thirty and forty pounds. They’re an ideal choice if your children like to play make believe. You can buy the figures for these play sets separately. They are all compatible with each other, and some figures come with a pot of scary goo.
Other Scooby Doo toys available are dolls, DVDs, magazines, board games, puzzles, monsters and toy mystery machines.
As with all popular toys and merchandise, there are quite a few non-genuine models on the market. If you’re looking for the real deal, get yourself down to a popular toy store or buy your products from a trusted online shop.