About Harry Potter Toys

In the last ten years, one of the most influential books has been the Harry Potter series. Popular with children and adults across the globe, these books have been turned into films, making them even more accessible for children today. The phenomenon has filtered into all aspects of daily life for kids, especially into merchandise and toys. The final film was recently released. With each film, a new set of Harry Potter toys goes on sale, from figurines to Lego toys. Toy shops are full to the brim, so how do you go about choosing the right Harry Potter toy for your kids?

Lego sets are a good option to go for. Lego is one of the most popular toys for children, so a combination of the two has been a massive success. However, because of their popularity, they do tend to be very expensive. They are difficult to get your hands on as they fly off the shelves. With the release of each new film, there have been new Harry potter Lego sets available. More recent ones are Lego Harry Potter The Burrow, Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle, and Lego Harry Potter Quidditch Match. These are great for Christmas presents.

The success of the Lego sets has spawned a video game in the same vein. Your children get to explore the Hogwarts Castle themselves and cast spells as a number of different characters. The game goes into detail about the first four years of the Harry potter series. It’s available on a number of consoles.

There are also board games available if you don’t own a computer. The Mystery at Hogwarts board game is a great game for all the family. It is based on the first Harry Potter installment (The Philosopher’s Stone), where the players must solve a crime. Imagine a Harry Potter Cluedo and you’ll get the gist. The great thing about this game is that you don’t have to be completely clued up on the books or film to know how to play it, meaning it’s a good one for all the family.

However, if the whole family is obsessed with the series, a good board game to get your hands on is the Harry Potter Trivia game. This is Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit. The questions are categorised into five sets, and if you get a question right, you collect a Charm Card. There are also age-appropriate questions, so the whole family can play.
Other items of merchandise include dress-up clothes. You can buy Harry Potter costumes from a number of stores, and one particularly popular item is the Gryffindor robe. Although it’s made from polyester, it feels like felt. The black robe has a hood, a clasp, and the Gryffindor crest. It comes in three different sizes and is great for a game of make believe or Halloween parties.

Do be careful of fake Harry potter merchandise. With something as big as this, there are always going to be rip-off toys available. Do your research beforehand and try to buy only from legitimate shops and websites.

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