Transport toys

Driving and Car Toys

Children love playing make-believe. Not only is it fun, it also gives them the chance to develop their imaginations, their social skills, help them solve problems, and learn life skills, as well as building their confidence and giving them a sense of self. Scientists have speculated that the more a child plays, the more connections he or she will make… Read more →

Transport Toys

Cars, trains, boats and planes – Why transport fascinates As soon as children can talk, they start to name and own the world around them. Things that move and go, drive, fly and float are among some of the first words that children learn, and they remain endlessly fascinating to young minds. How amazing that these great machines can go… Read more →

Remote Control Toys

The famous inventor and scientist Nikola Tesla was the first to build and operate a remote-controlled vehicle, a radio-controlled boat about 1.7 metres long and .9 metres wide. He demonstrated what he called his “teleautomaton” for the public at an exhibition touting electricity in Madison Square Garden in New York City in May 1898 and again later in the year… Read more →

Toys for Kids who Love Cars

Buying the perfect toy for your child is always a good way to keep them entertained and happy. And when your child loves cars and car-related things, it is almost a given on what to buy your child. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different toys available to the car lover. While many children love car toys, many adults… Read more →