Role Play

Role play and dress up toys

Role Play Toys

Importance of Role Play for Children Role play is great for kids, especially younger children. It helps the actively use their imagination, learn about the world, develop confidence and understand relationships and social interaction. If your child enjoys role play games such as shops, schools, castles, garages, cowboys, princess and more, then there are plenty of play tents that will… Read more →


Puppets are another category of toys that has been around for centuries and that entertain both children and adults. Design ranges all the way from the minimalist to the baroque. Motion of the puppet’s body, head and limbs can be simple full-body movements to the actual mimicking of arms, hands and even fingers. You can make a puppet with nothing… Read more →

Role Play and Dressing Up

Toys and games for role playing games and dressing up Role playing games and dressing up are activities that children have done on their own as far back as you care to remember. The simplest dress-up for a child was to put on adult clothes and pretend to be Mommy and Daddy. Children would soon move on to dress up… Read more →

Toy Kitchens

Make Cooking Fun with a Toy Kitchen Cooking can be great fun after all. Food preparation plays a big role in every family’s life and children will have seen their mums and dads in the kitchen oftentimes preparing meals, washing up, chopping, dicing, cooking. The kids long to get their little hand dirty doing just that. Obviously normal kitchens aren’t… Read more →

Play Tents

Why Children Love Play Tents Kids love to have a secret place. Hiding away from the adults, in a place of their own, they feel they have independence. But of course parents don’t want them hiding away too far or too well, especially if they are young children. And after all, it’s not always possible to build a tree house… Read more →