Games and Puzzles

Games and Puzzles

History of Backgammon

Backgammon is one of the world’s oldest games and has a worldwide history. The earliest known record of the first game originated from the Persian Empire, in Mesopotamia (this is Syria, Iran, and Iraq in the present day), and was the first ever board game in existence to be recorded; it’s even older than chess! The very early models of… Read more →

Backgammon for Kids

Backgammon is well known for being a complex and intriguing game, played with various tactics and strategies. But it is actually a great game for children too, although this is often overlooked by many parents. Backgammon is a fun game with a great history, and is perfect for children who enjoy board games and enjoy an exciting challenge. Backgammon is… Read more →

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All About Games and Puzzles

Puzzles and games for children often reflect a child’s perceptions of the adult world. A game can be a simulation of an adult profession, such as a real estate developer, a commander of an army or navy or a police detective solving a crime. Games can also be tests of mathematical skills, shape recognition, mental concentration and athletic ability. Puzzles… Read more →

Learning to Play Backgammon

Backgammon Rules – an Overview Firstly, the Ins and Outs of backgammon: The game starts with each player rolling one die. Whoever rolls the higher number goes first, using both numbers. If the starting roll results in both dice showing the same number, called “doubles,” the players roll again. The first player moves one or more stones the number of… Read more →