Electronic Toys and Gadgets

Electronic toys and gadgets

iPod Docking Stations

You would have to live miles away from humanity, or be completely uninterested in the likes of modern technology, to be unaware of the iPod. But for those who are, the iPod is basically a media player for portable use. The software, iTunes, transfers music from your personal computer to the actual device. But you can also store games, videos,… Read more →

Remote Control Toys

The famous inventor and scientist Nikola Tesla was the first to build and operate a remote-controlled vehicle, a radio-controlled boat about 1.7 metres long and .9 metres wide. He demonstrated what he called his “teleautomaton” for the public at an exhibition touting electricity in Madison Square Garden in New York City in May 1898 and again later in the year… Read more →

Barbie Video Girl

Lights! Camera! Action! And Barbie’s the camera! Mattel’s Barbie Video Girl is not only an authentic Barbie doll, but is also a real-life working video camera! Put together your own skits with your other Barbie dolls! Rehearse, record and make your own movies! We all know the Barbie name and this must be one of the most unique and fun… Read more →

Retro Telephones

One type of gadget that has had a surprising surge in popularity lately has been the retro style telephone. It’s surprising not because they aren’t cool or stylish – they most certainly are – but because so many youngsters are deeply into their high tech iPhones and other Smartphones, it’s quite amazing that they would ever consider something “low-tech” and… Read more →