Educational toys

About Fountain Pens

Fountain pens date back as early as (believe it or not) around the tenth century. The first recorded instance of this style of pen being used was in 953, when one of the Egyptian emperors demanded to have an instrument with which to write that would not stain his clothes! However, the fountain pens we are more familiar with nowadays… Read more →

About Interactive Toys

All toys can be said to be interactive in that the child’s interaction with toy gives the child pleasure and enjoyment. In the modern sense, though, an interactive toy is one that provides feedback that changes according to the reaction of the child. For example, decades ago, a doll could say ‘Mama’ when the child pulls a string — an… Read more →

About Educational Toys

Toys that are labelled ‘Educational’ often get a bad reputation. Such a toy can’t be fun, people think. Even if the toy is oriented more towards an arts and crafts mode, the item is considered more for the more serious child and not for the fun-loving one. But, children from the youngest age want to learn and want to express… Read more →

Educational DVDs

Many parents will try to avoid having their child spend hours in front of the TV, but an educational DVD can be the happy medium they’ve been searching for. A lot of the DVDs available on the market cover a great many of the basics that preschool children need to know, such as numbers, the alphabet, colours, shapes, sounds, and… Read more →

Role Play and Dressing Up

Toys and games for role playing games and dressing up Role playing games and dressing up are activities that children have done on their own as far back as you care to remember. The simplest dress-up for a child was to put on adult clothes and pretend to be Mommy and Daddy. Children would soon move on to dress up… Read more →

About Science Toys

Making science and discovery fun with science toys Science and discovery might be said to be the basis for all toys. For pre-schoolers, a set of wooden blocks can help them discover principles of science: cause & effect, balance, gravity and structural support. As the child grows older, wooden blocks evolve into construction sets of interlocking pieces — think first… Read more →