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Violins and stringed instrument for children

Caring for Your Violin

In general, a violin is only held together with glue and the tension of the wooden parts pressed against each other. Changes in humidity and temperature can destroy this delicate balance, so special care must be taken when moving a violin between indoors and outdoors. Each extreme change in environment wrecks a violin a little bit. Over the years, these… Read more →

History of the Violin

Though stringed instruments have been used to play music for thousands of years, the violin as it is today did not exist before 1500 AD. It’s true that almost every culture throughout the history of human civilization has some type of stringed instrument, but all were plucked to create musical tones instead of stroked, except for the horsemen of central… Read more →

Parts of a Violin

The distinctive hourglass shape of a violin is instantly recognizable, though not many people would know that the elements of that shape are called ’bouts.’ The concave center of the hourglass curve is called a C-bout, while the convex section toward the neck is called the upper bout and the convex curve near the tail is called the lower bout.… Read more →

Violin Tuners for Kids

The violin is a wonderful instrument to take up, and if you practise every day, will bring you years of joy. It is one of the smaller string instruments, with fours strings which should be tuned to perfect fifths. The pitch to start tuning your violin is the A above middle C. However, if you’re just starting out, how are… Read more →

Playing the Violin

Though it may appear that the left hand on the neck of the violin is holding the instrument in place, the primary support is the left side of the jaw pressing down on the chinrest and holding the violin against the left shoulder. A shoulder rest or elastic straps might be used to seat the violin properly against the shoulder.… Read more →

The Violin in Music

The violin is a musical instrument used the world over. We’ll go through a quick survey of how the violin is used for musical creativity, but we know we can’t cover every variation and can only give a short briefing on several traditions: classical, folk, Irish, country music, popular music and Carnatic violin from the country of India. The use… Read more →

Violin for Kids – An Intro

The name ‘violin’ comes from the Latin word for a stringed instrument, ‘vitula,’ which is also the source through the German language for the word ‘fiddle,’ a musical instrument only slightly different from the violin. Though stringed instruments much like the fiddle have been around for thousands of centuries, what we know today as the violin has only been around… Read more →

About the Cello

The Cello is a beautiful instrument belonging to the string family of the orchestra. Other instruments in this family include the double bass, the viola, and the violin. The cello is the mid-sized instrument. It is played with a bow, but it can also be plucked for a different sound. The cello has only four strings, which are tuned in… Read more →