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Musical Toys and Instruments for Children

More on Digital Pianos

Have you been considering purchasing a piano lately? Traditional pianos, whether baby, upright, or grand, can be an expensive investment. They’re large and heavy, and cumbersome when moving around. They also take a lot of upkeep: keeping your piano in tune can be time consuming and costly. But don’t dismiss the idea of a piano in your home completely. A… Read more →

Paper Jamz Guitars

Paper Jamz Guitars are everything a guitar should be – but without having to learn or practice! How brilliant is that! You can be the hottest guitarist in minutes, all thanks to the amazing technology in these brilliant little Paper Jamz Guitars. Paper Jamz Guitars are available in various models, all with different designs, based on a classic electric guitar.… Read more →

Caring for Your Violin

In general, a violin is only held together with glue and the tension of the wooden parts pressed against each other. Changes in humidity and temperature can destroy this delicate balance, so special care must be taken when moving a violin between indoors and outdoors. Each extreme change in environment wrecks a violin a little bit. Over the years, these… Read more →

Electric Keyboards

The electric keyboard goes by many names, including a home keyboard, a digital keyboard, or a portable keyboard. It’s a great instrument to play, particularly if you want to learn to play the piano but cannot afford one, or if you don’t have the space, or maybe you need an instrument that can be practiced quietly in the home. An… Read more →

About the Harmonica

The harmonica is a great instrument to learn. One of the great advantages is that it is more convenient to travel with than most other instruments. It is also known as the mouth organ, the French harp, or the Blues harp, and is commonly used in folk music, jazz music, blues, and rock and roll. There are also a number… Read more →

About Musical toys

Music is a thing children want to create from their earliest years. Children love rhythm, as any parent can attest to after a pre-schooler discovers that noise can be made by banging on a pot or a pan in the kitchen. Children love harmony and love to sing along to what they hear over the radio or on television. Children… Read more →

About the Accordion

The accordion is an instrument that is often overlooked by aspiring musicians. However, despite its reputation as an unusual choice, the accordion is a very beautiful instrument that produces a unique and haunting sound. Sometimes known as a squeezebox, the accordion is a member of the free-reed aerophone family. An accordion looks like a medium-sized box and is driven by… Read more →

What is a Digital Piano?

A digital piano typically feels and plays just like a traditional piano. In a good quality digital piano, this means that the keys are weighted, just on the same way they are on say an upright piano. This isn’t true of all electronic keyboards, for example, and is one of the great features of digital pianos these days – it… Read more →

History of the Violin

Though stringed instruments have been used to play music for thousands of years, the violin as it is today did not exist before 1500 AD. It’s true that almost every culture throughout the history of human civilization has some type of stringed instrument, but all were plucked to create musical tones instead of stroked, except for the horsemen of central… Read more →

About the Trombone

This interesting musical instrument is part of the brass family of the orchestra, and is quite an unusual choice of instrument to take up, but it is very rewarding. The sound of the trombone is produced in the same way as all of the other instruments in the brass family: the trombonist blows air into the instrument through vibrating lips,… Read more →