Dolls for kids

Liv Dolls

Introducing Alexis, Daniela, Katie, Sophie and Hayden; the new fashion dolls from Spin Master Ltd. Liv Dolls are geared for girls age’s six to ten and can be found in stores or online. Liv Dolls are realistic looking, can be posed and have super trendy outfits. Alexis is a Fashion Diva, she loves clothes, accessories and shoes. For Alexis it… Read more →

Baby Annabell Dolls

Baby Annabell is so much like an actual baby that you’ll do a double-take at her realistic features the first time you see the doll. Baby Annabell reacts to the sound of your voice, turning her head left or right, and opening and closing her eyes. She giggles, gurgles, babbles, and yawns. She sucks noisily on her own water-filled bottle;… Read more →

Barbie Video Girl

Lights! Camera! Action! And Barbie’s the camera! Mattel’s Barbie Video Girl is not only an authentic Barbie doll, but is also a real-life working video camera! Put together your own skits with your other Barbie dolls! Rehearse, record and make your own movies! We all know the Barbie name and this must be one of the most unique and fun… Read more →