Collectible Toys

Collectible and Antique Toys

Victorian Toys

In the nineteenth century, toys were produced for children in factories. Most toys, although they were made in factories, were handmade. This meant that they were much more expensive than the toys we buy today because of the craftsmanship involved. They were often made from metal or wood, and intricately designed. By the latter part of the century, people were… Read more →

History of Toys

Although you might not realise it, toys have been around for centuries, even as far back as Roman times. Greeks and Roman excavations have discovered that children used to play with items like spinning tops, dolls, balls, and hoops. Ball games were played with pig bladders that had been inflated. Egyptian civilisations have been found to have made toy dolls… Read more →

Vintage Prams

Some Background and History The earliest known pram models were developed in the Eighteenth Century. A man called William Kent, who was a garden architect, designed the first baby carriage in 1733. As an architect, he was well known. So much so, that it was the Duke of Devonshire who commissioned him to build a pram. At that point, no… Read more →

Antique Dolls

Some Background and History A great many people around the world have unusual and interesting hobbies. One of these is the art of collecting. A big part of collecting is acquiring the items, then arranging and cataloguing them, and often putting the items on display. A common item that people like to collect are antique and vintage dolls. Believe it… Read more →