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Choosing a Bike

Though the wheel has been an integral part of human civilisation for thousands of years, bicycling itself is only two hundred years old. All around the world, you can find people riding bicycles — in fact, bicycling could be considered the principal means of transport for the human race. Bicycles are ridden for pleasure, for competition and for utility. Your… Read more →

Bikes for Teenagers

Are you thinking of buying a bike for a teenager? Do you think your teenage son or daughter is a little bit too lazy? Or perhaps you’re a teenager who is considering getting fit, or taking up cycling, inspried by the London Olympics? According to the government, many children and teenagers these days are borderline obese. With an abundance of… Read more →

Why a Balance Bike?

Why Are Balance Bikes So Popular? Many parents have started looking into the matter of why balance bikes are so popular these days. We can start by mentioning that child obesity numbers have increased considerably in the past years, and, with the development of computer games, computer assisted learning systems and other electronic devices that accompany any part of a… Read more →

History of Bicycles

The world’s first bicycle had no pedals and no brakes — essentially, it was two wheels under a straight long seat, propelled by your legs straddled down on either side to the ground and steered by a simple handlebar. It was built in Germany in 1817 and named a “draisine” after the inventor, the Baron Karl von Drais, who himself… Read more →

Bikes and Trikes for Children

Why Bikes and Trikes are important Most of us can remember the first few wobbly yards we took, on a beautiful new bike. A loving someone behind us, giving encouragement and promising not to let go. Then, after hours of practice and bumped knees, the freedom and exhilaration of realising we were doing it on our own. Pedalling, steering, stopping… Read more →

Ride on toy for toddlers

Ride-ons & Walkers

Ride-ons and walkers are essentially the same type of toy, with a walker intended for the infant learning to walk and a ride-on an enhanced walker with wheels for the older child. A young child wants to imitate the adults around him or her and one of the biggest differences a toddler sees is that adults have the ability to… Read more →

Character Bikes for Girls

Kids love the great outdoors, even if it is as simple as playing on the pavement outside the front of the house. Recently, the government reported alarming rates of obesity in children, so it’s wise to get your little ones used to being out and about as early as possible. The perfect way to do this is to get them… Read more →

Benefits of Cycling

Why riding a bike is good for you and your child Cycling is quickly becoming one of Britain’s favourite sports, and not only for grown ups; more and more children are enjoying this fun activity. Fresh air, fun and exercise Cycling has numerous benefits for children. First of all it gets them outside, away from sitting in front of the… Read more →

BMX Bikes for Kids

BMX bikes have been around since the early 1980s, but have enjoyed a real resurgence in popularity recently. Which means that cycle manufacturers have been able to introduce some excellent new models and designs that are sure to appeal to any young boy. The choice of bikes is large enough now to include BMX bikes for younger boys, as well… Read more →