Balance Bikes

Balance Bikes for Kids

Choosing the Best Balance Bike for Your Child

Balance bikes are excellent toys with considerable development enhancing qualities. Also called run bikes, these “vehicles” are designed with no pedals and no chains and they are perfect for not only developing your child’s reflexes, but also for enhancing attention and raising awareness of using muscles while also preparing your child for learning how to ride a real bike later.… Read more →

Finding the Right Size Balance Bike

Why are balance bikes the latest craze among parents with very small children? Because they are a priceless learning tool, and all parents have to do is to choose the proper size for their children to get the most out this experience. Toddlers will learn how to glide and scoot and will be able to switch to normal bikes more… Read more →

Balance Bikes Can Make a Difference

Balance bikes are excellent not only for developing your child’s motor skills, but also as toys that will promote social skills and help you spend quality time with your kid. We all have busy lives, and it is not easy to find spare time to play carefree with our children, enjoying those precious minutes spent together. Buying a balance bike… Read more →

Why a Balance Bike?

Why Are Balance Bikes So Popular? Many parents have started looking into the matter of why balance bikes are so popular these days. We can start by mentioning that child obesity numbers have increased considerably in the past years, and, with the development of computer games, computer assisted learning systems and other electronic devices that accompany any part of a… Read more →