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Safe Cycling for Young Children

We all know the fact that riding a bike has its advantages at all ages, and we also know that most children fall in love with bikes quite soon. Sometimes, just after learning to walk gets boring, the toddler will want to directly jump behind the steering wheel! However, as responsible caregivers, we should always take care of the safety… Read more →

Choosing the Best Balance Bike for Your Child

Balance bikes are excellent toys with considerable development enhancing qualities. Also called run bikes, these “vehicles” are designed with no pedals and no chains and they are perfect for not only developing your child’s reflexes, but also for enhancing attention and raising awareness of using muscles while also preparing your child for learning how to ride a real bike later.… Read more →

Bicycle Maintenance

Bicycle maintenance is one of those things you know you must do, but keep putting off. Right from the start, from the moment you get your new bike, make it a habit to do those maintenance tasks before and after every ride. Mark a date on your calendar for the weekly or monthly work; set aside a Saturday for the… Read more →

Bicycles and Road Safety

Bicycle safety and the public roads have gone through cycles of acceptance and outright rejection over the past two centuries. When first introduced, bicycles were strange devices that scared the horses. As bicycles became safer and more people began riding them, the rules of the road adapted to allow room for the new users of the byways. Then, as other… Read more →

Learning to Ride a Bicycle

Riding a bicycle requires the same skills as walking: a sense of balance and the ability to move one foot, then the other, rhythmically. Some people may worry about falling, but, given the proper precautions, a fall will not cause any injury. Just as with any physical skill, you start out slow and easy and progress to higher levels as… Read more →

When Should a Child Learn to Ride a Bicycle?

Riding a bike has many advantages, anyone can tell you that. It is fun, cheap, and environmentally friendly, it is low maintenance, healthy, efficient in traffic – you do not have parking problems, it is an effective way of exercising and, last but not least, it is a great way to reduce stress. Especially for the little ones, riding a… Read more →

Finding the Right Size Balance Bike

Why are balance bikes the latest craze among parents with very small children? Because they are a priceless learning tool, and all parents have to do is to choose the proper size for their children to get the most out this experience. Toddlers will learn how to glide and scoot and will be able to switch to normal bikes more… Read more →

Bikes with Training Wheels

When choosing a bike for a younger child, especially one who is just starting out and still learning to ride, it’s inevitable that you will end up considering bikes with training wheels (often called stabilisers). Below we have included a few things to look at and consider, and also pose the question: Are training wheels necessary? Riding a bike is… Read more →

Cycling and Health

Bicycling, like any other physical activity, can not only contribute to your health, but also cause injury. On the whole, however, the benefits of cycling outweigh the liabilities. Physical inactivity leads to obesity and poor health. It’s estimated that the “health return” for bicycling over the entire population is 20-to-1, or twenty years of life for every year lost to… Read more →

Balance Bikes Can Make a Difference

Balance bikes are excellent not only for developing your child’s motor skills, but also as toys that will promote social skills and help you spend quality time with your kid. We all have busy lives, and it is not easy to find spare time to play carefree with our children, enjoying those precious minutes spent together. Buying a balance bike… Read more →