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Ride on toy for toddlers

Ride-ons & Walkers

Ride-ons and walkers are essentially the same type of toy, with a walker intended for the infant learning to walk and a ride-on an enhanced walker with wheels for the older child. A young child wants to imitate the adults around him or her and one of the biggest differences a toddler sees is that adults have the ability to… Read more →

About Teething

Teething is the natural process by which the teeth of a baby appear from the gums. A baby can begin teething as early as three months, or as late as one year, but the most typical age at which teething begins is six to nine months. Little girls often tend to start teething earlier than little boys. It can still… Read more →

About Baby Monitors

Even though some parents feel that their baby sometimes cries so loud that they almost don’t need a baby monitor, of course it is one of those things that you just can’t do without. Not only are they essential for you to hear when your baby cries and needs feeding or changing, they can also be great for reassuring you… Read more →

Teething Rings and Toys

IN this article we will look at a few little things that can help your baby through teething, such as teething rings and other types of teething toys. But before we do that, let’s go through a few other tips for teething babies. What to do to help your teething baby A teething baby is most often an unhappy baby.… Read more →

Fun at Bath Time

For busy parents, bath time is an excellent opportunity to spend time reconnecting with their children after long days at work, and a wonderful ritual that allows children (and their parents) to play, relax, and prepare for the transition to bedtime. An important and often-overlooked aspect of parenting is the importance of ‘play’. In a world that often moves so… Read more →

Choosing a Baby Monitor

Baby monitors are a great help to a lot of parents. But what exactly are they, and what are they used for? Imagine a pair of children’s walkie-talkies, and you’re pretty much there with how they look and work Parents can put one of the monitors in their child’s room to keep an ‘ear’ on whether their baby is in… Read more →

Baby Toys

Why play? The baby and pre-school years are a fleeting but magical time. Little ones learn and develop in the blink of an eye and are filled with joy and wonder with every new experience and object they encounter. One day they’re on playmats and bouncers, then they pull themselves up and whizz off on a trike. Stages come and… Read more →

Toys to Help Toddlers Walk

A child who has not yet learned to walk knows the importance of the act of walking. Everyone around the child walks, even the family dog. The child sees that getting about on all fours gets you from place to place and imitates that motion. But then, standing on two legs, in the same way that mommy and daddy do,… Read more →