About Tomy Toys

Tomy are a Japanese firm that produce an abundance of products for children. Tomy were founded in 1924. They merged with a rival company Takara in 2006, but decided to keep the name the same. The brand name Tomy is internationally recognised. However, Takara were the manufacturers of toys such as Transformers and Microman, and a rebrand of all of their own products would have proved expensive and pointless. However, this branding is only the case for the products outside of Japan. In the country itself, the branding has changed to Takara-Tomy. The Tomy side of the company have produced a multitude of toys for young children and pre-schoolers for generations.

Pokémon is one of the worldwide successes created by Tomy, and a lot of their toys also carry the mark of other big names such as Thomas the Tank Engine and Disney. Takara also bought the Game of Life to Tomy. One of the product examples of the companies merging is the combination of the Game of Life and Pokémon (the Pokémon Jinsei Game). Other popular toys include Space Pets, Sunshine Buddies, Penny Racers, Megaman, Animal Crossing, and Sugar Bunnies.
Their toys come in the form of electronic games, video games, board games, and art and craft sets. The company also manufacture practical items for parents, including baby monitors and car seats. They also distribute a number of non-Tomy toys around Japan, such as Hasbro’s Monopoly and Jenga.

Tomy have been manufacturing exciting toys for children for eighty years. The brand is now associated with good quality products, innovative designs, and creative play.

The UK version of the company (Tomy UK) was created in 1982 in order to sell the products around Europe. Since then, their games such as Pop-up Pirate and Zoids have become enormously successful, as has their motto ‘Trust Tomy’. More recently in 2006, Tomy UK started their own website where customers can purchase the products directly from the manufacturers.

On the website and on other online sources you’ll find that Tomy is also now synonymous with the Harry Potter brand. The company produce a number of products based on items mentioned in the series, including a Harry Potter Monster Book, figurines, giant puzzles, plaster kits, bags and wands. Other brands in the range include Sonic the Hedgehog, Teletubbies, Winnie the Pooh, and K’nex. All Tomy products are available online, as well as in a number of stockists across the UK, including Boots, Toys R Us, The Early Learning Centre, Argos and WH Smith.
Although Tomy is a massive company that strive for safety, there have been a number of product recalls over the years. In 1997, the Tomas and Friends Wooden Railway range was recalled due to toxic amounts of lead paint used in the manufacturing process. And in 2004, some stuffed Pokémon dolls were recalled as a needle was found in one by a parent. Tomy still maintain that safety and customer service is of the utmost importance. Any purchase comes with a one-year guarantee as long as you retain your receipt.