About SYMA toys

SYMA Toys Industrial company and not that well known in terms of toy manufacturing, as they are predominantly the manufacturers of extremely advanced toy helicopters. The technology used is so intricate and advanced that they have now become popular not only with children, but with adults too.

The company is based in Guangdong in China, in a huge factory and industrial park where they have their own designers, manufactures and traders on site, as well as large workshops, administrative offices and rooms for staff. There is also a significant area of the park that is dedicated to the advancement of the technology used in the making of the helicopters, as well as product testing. The company are proud of their technical staff and managing team, and it seems to be working, as the SYMA brand sells all over the world.

The helicopters available are known as the electric Co-axial Micro series, and despite their intricacies, are very easy to use. If your child is an absolute beginner, they’ll have no problem using the series. The helicopters come with controls that are easy to use, and SYMA insist that all styles of the helicopter give a consistent performance. SYMA insist on working in an original way, striving for advancement and safety in their toys that sell all over the world, and stick to their motto, which is ‘technological innovation and people first’.

Toy helicopters have been available to buy for children for a long time, but older models used to be made of polystyrene or plastic. The SYMA series look like a bite-sized replica of the real thing, and they are all made from sturdy metal.

If you’re interested in purchasing one of the SYMA helicopters, you’ll also need to buy six AA batteries which are not supplied in the box. These are for the controller. In the pack, you’ll also find the helicopter itself, plus a USB cable. The helicopter is charged using your PC. As it is made in china, be warned that the instructions are in broken English. However, they are still relatively simple and easy to follow.

Once you’ve inserted the batteries into the controller, the helicopter will need charging. There are two ways to do this. One is to connect the helicopter to the controller and use the power from the batteries to charge it. However, this uses up all of the battery power. The best option is to use the USB cable included and charge it from your PC. The charging process takes just under an hour. You’ll know when it’s fully charged, as a green light will be displayed. A fully-charged helicopter will fly for around ten minutes, which doesn’t seem like a great deal of time, but customer feedback states that it is enough.

The design is sturdy enough not to be damaged during the inevitable crashes the first few times you use it. Also note that it is not really suitable for outside use, as any kind of wind will affect how it flies.

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