About Orchard Toys

Orchard Toys are a relatively well-known toy manufacturer based in the UK. They make toys for young children between the age of eighteen months and twelve years. The company pride themselves on making toys that help children develop essential skills from a young age. Most of these toys are puzzles or games which are educational in nature. The company insist that their products are designed well, manufactured safely, with excellent service to their customers.
The company was founded in 1971 by a man called Keith Harvey. He is still the director of the company to this day. The company was purchased by Hugh Beevor in 2004, who had been with Orchard Toys for ten years as a sales director. He is now the chairman of the company. The original factory was based in Nottingham, but the company moved to Norfolk recently, in 2006. A bigger factory and office has meant that Orchard Toys can now produce more toys, work on more exciting ideas, and provide even better customer service.

Orchard Toys manufacture puzzles, jigsaws, card games, and activities that have won awards, and they are even good for the environment. The company insist on using recycled materials for all of the board used in the manufacturing process, and the paper used has been from sustainable forests. All manufacturing of products takes place in the UK. This green theme is consistent in a number of their products. In order to educate children about environmental issues, Orchard Toys have produced games such as the Flower Pot Game and What’s Rubbish.

The company motto is for the toys to be ‘learning made fun’. From the design of the product to its sale, the customer is always kept in mind. Children need constant attention and guidance in order to fully develop social skills, so Orchard Toys have ensured that their bright and original designs are combined with sturdiness and quality, whilst being incredibly educational.

All of the toys available are designed by university educated illustrators, and the final products are thoroughly tested before being released, in school and nurseries, as well as in homes. The company also employs an advisor on the educational levels of different ages of children, depending on their key stage, and what kind of games will tie in with the National Curriculum.

Products available include Shopping List, Tummy Ache Game, Pick and Mix People, the Lunch Box Game, and Slug in a Jug. There are also a variety of giant floor puzzles available, and a number of board games. The safety of the brand is of utmost importance. Orchard Toys have a standard programme to test their toys, and they are also a member of the British Toy and Hobby Association, who have very firm rules about the manufacturing process of children’s toys. Because of this, all Orchard toys carry the Lion Mark.

The brand is very highly respected by their customers, and there are no known product recalls. A lot of parents had Orchard Toys to play with as a child, so the brand is now reaching their second generation.