Moshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters is a brand that is relatively new to the market. Taking example from the Tamagotchi pets that were popular fifteen years ago, the Moshi Monsters uses technology and social networking as its basis. The idea was developed in the UK in 2007 and launched in 2008. Within one year, there were an incredible one million registered users, and within two years, the number had leaped to twenty-five million. Current numbers are around the fifty million mark, meaning the one in three children in the UK are members of the site.

A Moshi Monster is a virtual pet for children between the ages of seven and twelve. Your child can adopt a pet, learning how to care for it, and as the same time play games. Winning the games results in rewards, called rox, which can be used to purchase items for the pet. As time passes, your child’s pet monster will go up levels and be able to access different parts of the site, and make friends with other children’s monsters.

Moshi Monsters is not just about vacant online fun. The puzzles your child has to solve to earn rox are educational as well as fun, incorporating maths, English, general vocabulary, and spatial awareness, so they will be developing their skills all the time. Plus, the more your child plays, the more difficult the puzzles become. If they begin to struggle, the puzzles get easier. Moshi Monsters is a site that encourages your child to problem-solve, develop their strategy skills, and think in a more creative way, whilst socialising with friends. The monster also communicates with your child, which encourages reading, and shows what mood it is in depending on its colour (melancholic or jubilant).

One of the biggest concerns for parent with any type of online social networking is the subject of safety. However, the Moshi Monsters brand maintains that fun, education, and safety are important in the running of the company. In this day and age, it’s important for children to be fully computer literate, whilst maintaining safety online. When your child registers with Moshi Monsters, you are sent an email asking for permission for them to join the site. If you agree, your son or daughter can then request friends who are already members, and converse with other children who are on the network. Moshi Monsters ensure that all of the messages are filtered by their systems, and there are also buttons in place for users to report any offensive material.

Rules are important online, and Moshi Monsters is no exception. Children are encouraged not to give out any personal details, report any abuse, and to always keep their password to themselves.

The basic version of Moshi Monsters is completely free for your child to play. However, if your child gets addicted, you can subscribe and become a member of the site, meaning you get access to VIP areas.

There is also a large range of Moshi Monsters merchandise on the market, specifically comics and books.