About Mookie Toys

You may not recognise the name of this toy manufacturer, but you’ll no doubt be aware of one of its products. Mookie is the brand behind the popular garden game of Swingball. The company was first established in 1987, meaning it is still relatively new to the toy market. The company was first based in Flitwick. However, with the advent of Swingball, the company went from strength to strength, and they started developing different toys for children. Within four years, the company was providing toys to major retailers in the toy and sports business, and held massive accounts. By 1993, they had been given the licensing for Swingball, and they began to own more licences for their other ranges. Nowadays, Swingball is growing in popularity overseas, including South Africa, America and Australia. Mookie’s products are good quality and have great value for money, and they are a toy brand parents can trust.
Swingball may seem, to the untrained eye, as though it’s just a ball on a rope. But get yourself a Swingball for the garden and you’ll see just what a family-orientated game it can be. Swingball encourages children to get outside and get active. A vigorous game of Swingball is incredibly challenging physically, as you need to be fast and have good hand to eye coordination. It also encourages social behaviours, as well as burning off all of those sweet snacks.
Over the years, Mookie developed the original Swingball, and there is now a range available depending on your circumstances, so it’s incredibly versatile. All of the Swingball items are easily transportable. They can be packed up, as they all have their own base, and taken anywhere, so it’s a great item to take with you when you go to the beach, to school, or on holiday.

The original Swingball design is known as All Surface Swingball. In the same range, you can get Juniour Swingball, Swingball reflex soccer, Swingball Basketball, Swingball reflex Tennis, and there’s also a backpack version.
Mookie have also recently released a new range of sporting products, known as the ‘Edge’ sports range. Mookie now manufacture sporting equipment for children, such as tennis rackets, cricket sets, footballs, basketballs, and badminton rackets. Mookie have developed this range with quality and style in mind, ensuring that their products are durable and long-lasting.

Mookie constantly strive to get licensing for all of their products, and maintain that their company continuously provide the customer with a well-rounded service, from the origins of an idea through to the manufacturing of the product. Mookie are now one of the biggest toy companies in the UK that produce outdoor activity toys. The company stands for enthusiasm about sport and outdoor activities. They say that innovation, play value and quality are at the heart of all of their products. Mookie also manufacture a large line of scooters and tricycles, as well as other outdoor toys such as the Mookie Lolo Ball, the Mookie Diabolo, the Mookie Golf Set, Mookie Juggling Balls, and the Mookie Skipping Rope.