Huggle Buddies

Most cuddly toys get a bit boring after a while. They can be hugged to death, and played with, but that’s pretty much it. Huggle Buddies are a relatively new product on the market. These toys are very similar to the brand ‘Pillow Pets’. They are basically cuddly animals which can easily turn into a pillow using a Velcro strap. It’s a relatively easy procedure, so any child can perform it. Kids really do love having a soft toy with them when they go to bed, or even if they just take a quick nap during the day and Huggle Buddies are designed with that in mind. They are small enough for children to carry around for comfort purposes, so a pillow can be available at the drop of a hat. Expect Huggle Buddies to be on your child’s Christmas list, as they are bound to be a big seller.

Unleash the Velcro strap on the toy and it will turn into a pillow. But if you roll out the toy even more, you’ll find a pouch where your child can keep whatever they need. This is particularly useful for overnight stays, whether it’s in a hotel with Mum and Dad, or at a sleepover at a friend’s house. Pack in their pyjamas and toothbrush in the belly of the toy. They are also great for taking on holiday, especially on long car journeys where kids tend to fall asleep on the road. So not only is it fun, it’s also a useful toy.

At the moment, there are eleven different designs your child can choose from. These are Unicorns, Pigs, Lambs, Ducks, Dogs, Polar Bears, Rabbits, Monkeys, Bees, Rabbits and Frogs, meaning that whatever animal your child is hung up on, they’re sure to find a favourite in the range. The material the Huggle Buddies are made from is incredible soft and fluffy, designed to be the ideal comforter for your child, and they come in a wide range of bright colours and materials, to keep your child’s attention and imagination.

They are also very well-made toys. Each of the Huggle Buddies is double stitched and can be put in the washing machine over and over again. So it doesn’t matter how much wear and tear the toy has, it will remain in good condition for years to come. Just ensure that the wash is gentle, and that you don’t tumble dry the toy. A soft brush when it’s dry will make it just as fluffy and clean as new.

The Huggle Buddies brand is keen on emphasising their product’s benefits during play time. The interesting characters enhance your child’s imagination, and the toys can be used to make up games and stories, and are key in interacting with other children.

At present, there are no product recalls in the Huggle Buddies range, so they are perfectly safe for your little ones. You’ll find the best prices if you order online, so get shopping now before the Christmas rush.