Character Bikes for Girls

Kids love the great outdoors, even if it is as simple as playing on the pavement outside the front of the house. Recently, the government reported alarming rates of obesity in children, so it’s wise to get your little ones used to being out and about as early as possible. The perfect way to do this is to get them cycling, and if your little girl has outgrown her old tricycle, and Christmas or her birthday is approaching, why not look into buying her a new bike. But not just any old bike: a character bike!

Kids love anything a bit unusual or fancy, so the idea of a personalised bike will fill your little girl with glee, and will be a great motivation for getting her out of doors to become fit and healthy.

Before going out and buying your character bike, first of all think about what your little one loves. Is she a bit of a princess? Or is she more of a cool dudette? There are so many varieties of character bikes available, for all age groups. For the younger girls, you can still buy tricycles or bikes with stabilisers if they’re not too confident on their own two wheels. The older ones can go for the larger bikes.

Secondly, ask yourself what exactly she likes? Often, the character bikes available to buy in stores and online are inspired by current TV shows and movies. Some examples of character bikes which are available are: Dora the Explorer; LazyTown; Disney Princesses; Iggle Piggle (from In The Night Garden); and High School Musical. These might be suitable for the younger girls. Others character bikes are inspired by big brands and classic characters, such as Hello Kitty, or Betty Boop, which are more suitable for older girls. Character bikes are most suitable for children under ten.

And don’t forget that kids are fickle! Her favourite character this week might be her least favourite in 6 months, so try to go with one you know she’s not going to grow out of! Having said that, you’re not really likely to go too far wrong, because let’s not forget that kids grow up quickly and will need a new bike in a couple of years!

The bike you buy should really reflect the character of your little girl, and be an extension of her personality. To further encourage her creativity, some character bikes will often come with added features, such as streamers, and baskets, often with the face of your chosen character. Or how about a matching bell? Some even have extra packs of character stickers for your little princess to add wherever she wants. And, no, they don’t have to go on the bike!

If you have got a little girl under the age of ten, think about surprising her with her very own character bike to get her riding. The sooner she learns, the better, and character bikes are a great incentive! Of course, if she’s a bit of a tomboy, you can always go for the Bob the Builder option!