BMX Bikes for Kids

BMX bikes have been around since the early 1980s, but have enjoyed a real resurgence in popularity recently. Which means that cycle manufacturers have been able to introduce some excellent new models and designs that are sure to appeal to any young boy. The choice of bikes is large enough now to include BMX bikes for younger boys, as well as more standard boys’ size BMXs.

About BMX Bikes

BMX (bicycle motocross) bikes are bicycles modelled after short-track racing motocross rides. While enjoyed by people of all ages, they are particularly popular with children and teenagers. When the kids are young, parents often face the difficult task of choosing the right BMX bike for them. Some BMX bikes can be relatively expensive, and there is an incredible amount of variety available. These factors can combine to create a difficult decision.

Choosing the Right BMX Bike

Let us start with the basics. BMX bikes are available in four separate categories: dirt jumping, freestyle, overlap, and racing. Freestyle BMX bikes are the most popular due to their versatility, and they are available in two subcategories: flatland and “vert” riding. There are also BMX cruiser bikes. Cruisers use larger 24-inch wheels that make them more comfortable for adults. These are generally the choice for parents who want to ride along with their children. Many of the most common BMX bikes for kids are hybrids that combine the best qualities of racing and flatland freestyle bikes.

BMX Bike Sizes

Unless purchased for a very small child, BMX bikes are one size fits all, but as the child grows, the parent will need to adjust the handlebars and perhaps upgrade the seat.

BMX Bike Frames

The primary factor that dictates the price of a BMX bike is the material used to make the frame, and to a lesser extent the rims and pedals. Manufacturers use high-tensile steel for the frames of inexpensive models. Steel alloy chrome-moly is the most popular frame material among enthusiasts because it is nearly as strong as high-tensile steel and far lighter. The difference in these materials to the experienced rider is remarkable, and bikes of this quality level generally come with a 20-year or greater warranty.

Expensive or Cheaper Bike?

The choice between an inexpensive and high-quality BMX bike depends much on the child. If you feel that BMX biking will be a shorter lived interest, you should consider purchasing a less expensive bike. You can always upgrade if a long-term interest develops. Likewise, if the child will just use the bike to ride to school or around town, there is not much benefit to purchasing an expensive BMX bike.

On the other hand, if the child will be more active with the bike and the parent is confident that the kid will stick with it, a high-quality BMX bike is an amazing investment that can last many years. It is reasonable to think that a child can one day pass down a well-maintained bike to his or her own child.