Benefits of Cycling

Why riding a bike is good for you and your child

Cycling is quickly becoming one of Britain’s favourite sports, and not only for grown ups; more and more children are enjoying this fun activity.

Fresh air, fun and exercise

Cycling has numerous benefits for children. First of all it gets them outside, away from sitting in front of the dreaded computer or TV that takes up so much of their time these days. On a bike, they can get fresh air, are active and move around lots, and all the while having lots of fun and getting fit without even thinking about it.

Balance, Confidence and Independence

Learning to ride a bike is ever so important, especially for small children. It is an essential life skill in itself, but one that also introduces other life skills to the child. It teaches them balance and coordination, increases their independence and gives them confidence. It also teaches them resilience, and as psychologists may put it, it teaches children the ability to navigate through risk.

Safety Awareness from the Start

Cycling can also teach kids early road sense. This isn’t to suggest you send a 4 year old on the road with his or her bike. But by simply cycling on a path in the park, or along a quiet street with mum or dad to supervise, can help introduce a child to roads, and the idea of traffic and road safety. They will soon understand that there is a lot to learn about road safety, and just how important road safety is.

Another benefit of cycling, especially in these harder economic times, is that cycling is such a cost effective form of transport. In fact, after the initial outlay of purchasing a bike (which needn’t be expensive) cycling is absolutely free. You don’t have to spend on petrol or buy a ticket, you just hop on and away you go, free to go where you choose and doing something for your health at the same time.

Get there faster and cheaper – with exercise!

Once a child is a bit older, there is nothing stopping them using the bike for the school run. If you don’t fancy letting your child cycle on their own, it’s very easy to accompany them, walking by their side for smaller children, or cycling along with them if they are older. So cycling is a great way to keep all the family fit as well.

Good for the Environment

Cycling is the future and an environmentally sound way to travel. The roads are clogged (especially on a school run morning) and petrol is expensive and damaging to the environment. If all school runs were done by bike rather than in the car, we would be a huge step closer in trying to lower our carbon emission in Britain.

Family Fun

Of course, cycling opens up a whole new range of weekend activities. Think about the family bike tours, the picnics and the little races between parents and kids. It will be so much fun with the whole family involved, doing something fun and healthy at the same time.

Cycling really is the future and is one of the fastest growing sports and pastimes in Britain for very good reasons.
This info is a simple introduction to the benefits of riding a bike, and is for guidance only.