Why a Balance Bike?

Why Are Balance Bikes So Popular?

Many parents have started looking into the matter of why balance bikes are so popular these days. We can start by mentioning that child obesity numbers have increased considerably in the past years, and, with the development of computer games, computer assisted learning systems and other electronic devices that accompany any part of a child’s life, exercise and physical movement have become obsolete. This is a very big warning sign as we are not designed for sedentary lives, although the course of evolution seems to be leading us that way. And this is why parents have been looking for a means to teach their children to be active from an early age, and this is exactly what a balance bike can help with.

What are balance bikes, first of all? At first sight they are pedal-less bikes, quite simple in design, but which will help teach your child how to maintain balance on a bike before learning to pedal and ride a regular one. Many specialists consider that learning to balance is more important than learning to ride as it jump-starts a child’s growth and development. The child will learn how to become more mobile, will grow to understand simple movement, will become comfortable with his own movements, and will grow confident in his own judgment and strength.

Speaking about strength brings us to another issue regarding the balance bikes. They are designed for children aged 2 to 6 and are intended to prevent them from getting injured. They are very light in weight, as they have to be easily moved by children, who must be able to carry them around and lift them up without needing any other kind of help. This teaches them to be self sufficient. The bikes are made of wood or metal, but will weigh only around 7 lbs, whereas a tricycle or a bike with training wheels usually weighs 20 lbs.

Parents who have purchased balance bikes for their toddlers can finally go for a stroll without having to look after their children every little second. At first, before getting with the bikes and learning how to manage them, most children will mainly stand up and push them with their feet. Later on, they will learn how to push and raise their legs, thus understanding balance and enjoying a good glide every time you take them out for a walk. Also, such a bike will allow the child to move a little faster, so not having to move along at the pace of an infant is another reason why these bikes are popular.

If we were to recap the reasons why child specialists recommend the balance bike as a learning tool for very small children, we should first mention the confidence-building fun the kids will have while learning to glide and keep their balance. They have very little chances of getting injured and the parents will have very little reasons to be concerned for the safety of their children. It is good exercise and prepares them for the pedal bike, which they will do good to ride later on, as an active life is so important for our health! These is why balance bikes are so popular.