Finding the Right Size Balance Bike

Why are balance bikes the latest craze among parents with very small children? Because they are a priceless learning tool, and all parents have to do is to choose the proper size for their children to get the most out this experience. Toddlers will learn how to glide and scoot and will be able to switch to normal bikes more easily than children using training wheels. The materials used in their construction are best suited for children, the design is simple and easy to work with, and many of the parts are adjustable, which means many years of use.

Parents will normally have to look on charts put on their disposal by the distributors of various brands of balance bikes, in order to choose the right one for their child. The size you should choose depends on the age of the infant, as well as on his measurements. Finding the right size for your child is really not that difficult once you have all of the important data down and you know just how to use it. Another issue to decide upon is the material of the bike, which, in most cases will also determine how heavy the bike is. As far as the bike’s weight is concerned, the weight of the child must also be taken into consideration when deciding on the most appropriate option.

Getting back to sizes, note that the seat height must be between 11 and almost 24 inches -this is the way to go when choosing the size of balance bikes. People with experience in these kind of matters state that you must measure the inseam of your child’s pants and choose a bike which has a seat 1 – 1.5 inches lower than the inseam. This conclusion was reached by parents who have really researched the matter and have had the chance to try more than one bike.

Specialists insist on the matter of the saddle height, claiming that a slightly lower saddle will allow the child to get off the bike more easily, and will also prevent severe injuries in case of a fall. The saddle can be adjusted in most cases, though, and this is why parents might get careless when choosing balance bikes, because they think that they can just change it anytime. It is better to buy the right size for the child from the beginning and adjust it as the child grows, because it will just feel more natural.

The handle bars are not always adjustable, so you must pay attention to this detail, and the size of wheels is important as well, as some of them could even hinder a child’s ability to ride. Apart from these issues that you really need to consider, you are free to choose the model you wish for your child. You can express the personality of your child or try and boost his confidence by getting him a model with bolder colors.

All in all, if you do your homework on balance bikes, choosing the right size for your child is really not a difficult task – certainly not as difficult as trying to get your child off his new, beautiful bike!