Choosing the Best Balance Bike for Your Child

Balance bikes are excellent toys with considerable development enhancing qualities. Also called run bikes, these “vehicles” are designed with no pedals and no chains and they are perfect for not only developing your child’s reflexes, but also for enhancing attention and raising awareness of using muscles while also preparing your child for learning how to ride a real bike later. As these are very popular toys, the balance bike market is huge and the bikes available nowadays range from the inexpensive to the high-priced; they come in every color you can imagine, and some of them even feature cartoon themes, so choosing the best balance bike is not easy. However, if you consider the following aspects, you will surely be able to purchase a bike with the right parameters, a bike that will make your child happy and active.

Balance bikes come in many different sizes and weights, and can be made of different materials. The simplest way to choose the best size is by making the child sit on the bike seat. If the size is right, your kid will sit on the bike comfortably, while being able to put both feet on the ground – this is important because the child needs to be safe and to feel comfortable while riding. The bike also needs to be lightweight – it is meant to be used by small children, and maybe they will not only ride it, but will also have to lift it from where it turned over; plus, it is also much easier to ride and handle a lightweight bike than a bulky, heavy one.

Quality and durability are other aspects that you should consider when choosing the best bike for your child. The frame of most balance bikes is made either of wood or of lightweight metal alloys, the choice in this respect depending on the storage room you will keep the bike in when not in use. If you have to possibility to keep the bike in a dry place, wooden frames are fine, though they are less resistant to very strong shocks; if you do not have the possibility to store the bike in a dry place, the modern, corrosion-resistant aluminum frames will be the right choice for you. Durability is important not only in the case of the frame: the seat of the bike must also be made of resistant, high-quality material, with proper cushioning.

The comfort of your child is essential if you want to make sure riding the bike is a pleasant experience. It is recommended to choose a bike with adjustable seat height and possibly with an adjustable handle bar – this way, your fast-growing child will be able to use the bike longer, without having to experience any discomfort while riding.

The price is also an issue to consider. Fortunately, balance bikes are nowadays available for any budget: the price for the cheapest bikes start around $50, while high-end products can cost up to several hundred dollars. The good news is that most cheap bikes are reliable and durable as well.

Balance bikes are excellent development toys: riding them is a great physical activity that combines fun with healthy exercise for your child’s benefit.