Are Balance Bikes a Good Investment?

The latest fashion for parents with toddlers are the balance bikes specially designed for them; but are these pedal-less bikes a good investment? These bikes are intended for children aged 2 to 6, are better known in Europe, but are becoming prominent in the US as well. They mean more than just the absence of pedals – they are a way of teaching children how to keep their balance and then glide alongside their parents as they walk at a normal adult pace. With the help of these toys, children will learn how to ride a normal bike at a very early age and will get used to exercising.

According to specialists, the alternative to balance bikes, the training wheels, will only develop bad habits in children, who will just get comfortable with the safety wheels and delay the transition to the normal bike. The balance bike, on the other hand, forces them to maintain balance when their feet are up on the foot rest, but does not force them to do so before they are actually ready as, at first, they can just stand and walk around with the bike. So, yes, these bikes are a good investment, because they teach the child not to be afraid of bikes in general?

Another benefit of purchasing balance bikes for the toddlers is the fact that they help them develop motor skills. In time, this will help to develop abilities to abstract, generalize, analyze and synthesize, and to improve their ability to focus, to learn and to communicate properly. Still wondering whether or not to buy one? Think about it this way. It is an investment that will ensure you that your child gets the best transition from crawling and merely walking to something that will require more of the child, but will also be fun – he will not regard it as a “must”.

The chances of a child getting injured on one of these bikes are very small. Their designers thought them up especially for very small children to be able to lift them off the ground, to ride and even walk around with them. They have no chains, cables or pedals on which the child could injure himself. This way, balance bikes guarantee the complete safety of the child. What is more, since the child will be using his own feet for support, which is done instinctively, there will be no chance of tip-overs or wobbling.

The material these bikes are made of is usually wood, but some are made of metal as well. What is more, the balance bike is durable and has low maintenance costs. If you plan on having more children, you can just pass it on, even in your family, as all of the components of the bike will last a very long time. Also, the seat and handle bars are adjustable, so they can be fitted as the child grows.

So, considering all the above, balance bikes are indeed a very good investment.

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