Katie Turner

Bicycles and Road Safety

Bicycle safety and the public roads have gone through cycles of acceptance and outright rejection over the past two centuries. When first introduced, bicycles were strange devices that scared the horses. As bicycles became safer and more people began riding them, the rules of the road adapted to allow room for the new users of the byways. Then, as other… Read more →

About Educational Toys

Toys that are labelled ‘Educational’ often get a bad reputation. Such a toy can’t be fun, people think. Even if the toy is oriented more towards an arts and crafts mode, the item is considered more for the more serious child and not for the fun-loving one. But, children from the youngest age want to learn and want to express… Read more →

Kitchen Toys

Children love playing make-believe. Not only is it fun, it also gives them the chance to develop their imaginations, their social skills, help them solve problems, and learn life skills, as well as building their confidence and giving them a sense of self. Scientists have speculated that the more a child plays, the more connections he or she will make… Read more →

Learning to Ride a Bicycle

Riding a bicycle requires the same skills as walking: a sense of balance and the ability to move one foot, then the other, rhythmically. Some people may worry about falling, but, given the proper precautions, a fall will not cause any injury. Just as with any physical skill, you start out slow and easy and progress to higher levels as… Read more →

When Should a Child Learn to Ride a Bicycle?

Riding a bike has many advantages, anyone can tell you that. It is fun, cheap, and environmentally friendly, it is low maintenance, healthy, efficient in traffic – you do not have parking problems, it is an effective way of exercising and, last but not least, it is a great way to reduce stress. Especially for the little ones, riding a… Read more →

About Top Trumps

Top Trumps is not actually the name of the company, but the name of the game that is produced. It is a card game, each of which displays data which can be used to trump the other player’s cards. The first pack of Top Trumps was available on the market in 1977 and produced by the company Dubreq. Eleven different… Read more →

About Tomy Toys

Tomy are a Japanese firm that produce an abundance of products for children. Tomy were founded in 1924. They merged with a rival company Takara in 2006, but decided to keep the name the same. The brand name Tomy is internationally recognised. However, Takara were the manufacturers of toys such as Transformers and Microman, and a rebrand of all of… Read more →

More on Digital Pianos

Have you been considering purchasing a piano lately? Traditional pianos, whether baby, upright, or grand, can be an expensive investment. They’re large and heavy, and cumbersome when moving around. They also take a lot of upkeep: keeping your piano in tune can be time consuming and costly. But don’t dismiss the idea of a piano in your home completely. A… Read more →

About Pirate Toys

Children have always been interested in pirates when playing make-believe. But this interest has only increased since the release of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean films. The films have produced a generation of little boys (and girls) obsessed with all things nautical, and there’s plenty of merchandise on offer if your child is pirate mad. One of the most famous… Read more →