Fun at Bath Time

For busy parents, bath time is an excellent opportunity to spend time reconnecting with their children after long days at work, and a wonderful ritual that allows children (and their parents) to play, relax, and prepare for the transition to bedtime.

An important and often-overlooked aspect of parenting is the importance of ‘play’. In a world that often moves so fast one day can rapidly blend into the next, bath time is a ritual that strengthens the parent-child relationship, providing an anchor to the day. Routines help to develop secure, well-grounded children, and by spending time together at bath time, busy parents can reinforce the child’s sense that there is structure and predictability to the day, and that whether their days are spent at day care or at home, parents are the constants of their lives.

Modern life, with its emphasis on to-do lists and achievements, makes the opportunity to slow down and play deeply necessary for both parents and children. Interacting with children through the world of bath toys provides an opportunity for parents to function not just as caretakers, checking off an infinite list of chores and directives, but as fun presences in a child’s life.

Bath toys provide opportunities for parent/child role play through nurturing mummy and baby rubber duck scenarios. Organisational tasks like sorting toys into various categories – colours, numbers, letters, shapes – helps reinforce developmental milestones in younger children, as well as providing opportunities to learn how to identify and name various objects. Conversations about colours, shapes, and even numbers – if you have three rubber ducks and take one away – how many rubber ducks does a kid have? – blend seamlessly into the warmth and comfort of bath time, without taking away from the primary function of toys – play.

Bath time is almost by necessity a highly imaginative time, where a child sits in what appears to be a giant ocean. Bath boats skim dramatically along the corners of the tub. Sharks flicker around and Elmo dives off the tub taps. Otherworldly and novel, bath time is an opportunity for developing interesting narratives, strange meetings between toys, and pushing children to rely on the engine of imagination and creativity for entertainment.

In moments with less flights of fancy, bath time is an opportunity to stretch the definition of ‘toy’, creating an avenue to introduce such mundane topics as tooth-brushing in a way that is fun and interesting (tooth-brushing! In the bathtub!).

Toys make bath time fun and satisfying for kids and parents. See our great choice of all types of bath toys, from rubber ducks to educational bath toys, don’t over-look this entertaining and educational avenue for bonding!