Choosing a Baby Changing Bag

Baby Changing Bags have come a long way and are now not only practical to carry everything you and your baby need in one handy bag, but are also ever so stylish and a must have for every Yummy-Mummy and hands-on Dad.

Bag Styles

There are lots of different styles to choose from so that everybody can find the nappy changing bag best suitable for them. Whether you want designer changing bags from well known designers such as Orla Kiely, Graco, Hauck or Billy Bag, or if you prefer a look that doesn’t give away that you are carrying a nappy changing bag. Yes, there really are some diaper bags these days that look just like laptop bags so that even fathers, who might feel a bit weird, walking around with a nappy changing bag, can feel comfortable taking their baby out and carrying all their stuff around with it.

Choosing the right bag

Of course, other than style, nappy bags have to tick lots of different boxes. They have to be either washable or easy to clean and wipeable. You will be carrying around creams, oils and powders which are prone to spilling and leaking so you don’t want your changing bag ruined after one of such spills.

The nappy changing bag has to fulfil all your personal requirements as well. Will you want it to turn into a rucksack, hang it from your shoulder or put it on the pram? How big should it be? If you are using cloth nappies you should make sure that it has a separate compartment for the dirty nappies when you are on the go. Or even just for a change of clothes, sometimes it is nice to have them in a separate area, away from possible spills and smells, so make sure your nappy changing bag of choice is plenty big enough with different compartments to suit all your needs.

Special features

Some nappy changing bags have a dedicated insulated bottle carrier so that you can keep babies milk at your temperature of choice. Others have see through lining, so there is no need for you to go routing around the whole bag while your baby is crying, you can see everything at a glance. All changing bags have to be very sturdy yet not very heavy, since you will be putting enough stuff in it, so you can do without the changing bag weighing a ton itself.

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