About Baby Monitors

Even though some parents feel that their baby sometimes cries so loud that they almost don’t need a baby monitor, of course it is one of those things that you just can’t do without. Not only are they essential for you to hear when your baby cries and needs feeding or changing, they can also be great for reassuring you that everything is OK in the nursery without having to actually go in and maybe disturb the baby’s sleep.

Different types of baby monitors available

There are lots of different baby monitors around, standard monitors, digital monitors, video monitors, monitors that act like an intercom allowing the parents to remotely talk to the baby and many more. The video baby monitors are especially great since they allow you to actually see your baby – even in the darkness – while it is sleeping. This is so important for many new mothers who just “have” to check from time to time on the baby’s breathing. With one of these video baby monitors you can just take one look and you know your little one is alright. This beats having to go in and possibly disturbing them and setting you up for a sleepless night.

So a baby monitor is without a doubt an essential on your What-to-buy-list. They are easy to set up, super efficient, you can take them wherever you go, they enable you to hear your baby even from further away, like when you are working in the garden and they give you that extra bit of reassurance that’s so important for new parents.

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