About Fountain Pens

Fountain pens date back as early as (believe it or not) around the tenth century. The first recorded instance of this style of pen being used was in 953, when one of the Egyptian emperors demanded to have an instrument with which to write that would not stain his clothes! However, the fountain pens we are more familiar with nowadays… Read more →

Driving and Car Toys

Children love playing make-believe. Not only is it fun, it also gives them the chance to develop their imaginations, their social skills, help them solve problems, and learn life skills, as well as building their confidence and giving them a sense of self. Scientists have speculated that the more a child plays, the more connections he or she will make… Read more →

Huggle Buddies

Most cuddly toys get a bit boring after a while. They can be hugged to death, and played with, but that’s pretty much it. Huggle Buddies are a relatively new product on the market. These toys are very similar to the brand ‘Pillow Pets’. They are basically cuddly animals which can easily turn into a pillow using a Velcro strap.… Read more →

Safe Cycling for Young Children

We all know the fact that riding a bike has its advantages at all ages, and we also know that most children fall in love with bikes quite soon. Sometimes, just after learning to walk gets boring, the toddler will want to directly jump behind the steering wheel! However, as responsible caregivers, we should always take care of the safety… Read more →

The Mattel Toy Co

If you’ve never heard of Mattel, you’ve been living a sheltered life. Mattel are one of the biggest, most successful toy manufacturers in the world based on their revenue. The company was founded in 1945 by Harold Matson and Elliot Handler, who combined their names to come up with the name for the company. The first toy Mattel produced was… Read more →

About Harry Potter Toys

In the last ten years, one of the most influential books has been the Harry Potter series. Popular with children and adults across the globe, these books have been turned into films, making them even more accessible for children today. The phenomenon has filtered into all aspects of daily life for kids, especially into merchandise and toys. The final film… Read more →

An Overview of Dolls and Accessories

Dolls and doll houses – Playing house and playing Mum Dolls and dolls houses are classic toys, perfectly designed to practise grown-up behaviour, situations and scenarios. These toys can help children to practise social interaction, nurturing, sharing and other desirable skills and qualities. A beautiful dolls house – of any shape, size or design – can be a favourite social… Read more →

Choosing the Best Balance Bike for Your Child

Balance bikes are excellent toys with considerable development enhancing qualities. Also called run bikes, these “vehicles” are designed with no pedals and no chains and they are perfect for not only developing your child’s reflexes, but also for enhancing attention and raising awareness of using muscles while also preparing your child for learning how to ride a real bike later.… Read more →

About VTech Toys

Vtech are a toy company that manufactures educational electronic toys for children. The name is short for Video technology Ltd, and is based in Hong Kong. It was in 1976 that Stephen Leung and Allan Wong came together to start this impressive company. They also produce general electronic equipment, like computers and telephones, and it was in this area that… Read more →

Bicycle Maintenance

Bicycle maintenance is one of those things you know you must do, but keep putting off. Right from the start, from the moment you get your new bike, make it a habit to do those maintenance tasks before and after every ride. Mark a date on your calendar for the weekly or monthly work; set aside a Saturday for the… Read more →